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diff --git a/tdegtk/tqtcairopainter.cpp b/tdegtk/tqtcairopainter.cpp
index 041e076..4c64df8 100644
--- a/tdegtk/tqtcairopainter.cpp
+++ b/tdegtk/tqtcairopainter.cpp
@@ -159,6 +159,9 @@ void TQt3CairoPaintDevice::resetIntermediateSurface() {
// Cairo however does not allow the target surface of a context to be switched, effectively preventing
// direct drawing with dynamic switching to and from the intermediate surface on clip or ROP set/unset
// See upstream Cairo bug report
+// NOTE
+// This has been worked around by applying the same transformations, saves, and restores to both the device and intermediate surface contexts
+// If there is not much performance penalty from doing so, this method should probably be left alone
void TQt3CairoPaintDevice::transferIntermediateSurface() {
bool overlayMerge = true;