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-Please goto this address for more information:
+KBibTeX - BibTeX editor for TDE.
+An application to manage bibliography databases in the BibTeX format.
+KBibTeX can be used as a standalone program, but can also be embedded
+into other TDE applications (e.g. as bibliography editor into Kile).
-Note: To compile KBibTeX from source, you will need some
-devel packages from your distribution. Names may differ,
-but you need at least devel packages from Qt and TDE.
+KBibTeX can query online ressources (e.g. Google scholar) via
+customizable search URLs. It is also able to import complete datasets
+from NCBI Pubmed. It also supports tagging references with keywords and
+manages references to local files.
+BibTeX files can be exported into HTML, XML, PDF, PS and RTF format
+using a number of citation styles.