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Opensuse: add QT3 for TDE
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+# spec file for package qt3
+Name: qt3
+#Remember also to modify Requires in -devel package
+BuildRequires: Mesa-devel
+BuildRequires: c++_compiler
+BuildRequires: cups-devel
+BuildRequires: freetype2-devel
+BuildRequires: libjpeg-devel
+BuildRequires: libmng-devel
+BuildRequires: pkgconfig
+BuildRequires: update-desktop-files
+BuildRequires: xorg-x11-devel
+BuildRequires: tar
+%if %suse_version > 1220
+BuildRequires: libpng15-compat-devel
+BuildRequires: libpng14-compat-devel
+# bug437293
+%ifarch ppc64
+Obsoletes: qt3-64bit
+Summary: A library for developing applications with graphical user interfaces
+License: GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0 or QPL-1.0
+Group: System/Libraries
+Version: 3.3.8d
+Release: 2
+Provides: qt_library_%version
+Recommends: kdelibs3-default-style
+PreReq: /bin/grep
+%define x11_free -x11-free-
+%define rversion 3.3.8b
+Source0: trinity-qt3-
+Source2: qtconfig3.desktop
+Source3: qtrc
+Source4: assistant3.png
+Source6: assistant3.desktop
+Source7: designer.desktop
+Source8: designer.png
+Source9: linguist.desktop
+Source5: linguist.png
+Source11: qt3.csh
+# Translations did not change at 3.3.8c
+Source12: qt3-3.3.8b-translations.tar.bz2
+Source100: qtkdeintegration_x11.cpp
+Source101: qtkdeintegration_x11_p.h
+Source102: baselibs.conf
+Source200: attributes
+Patch1: aliasing.diff
+Patch2: head.diff
+Patch4: qt3-never-strip.diff
+Patch5: external-libs.diff
+Patch12: qtrc-path.diff
+Patch14: lib64-plugin-support.diff
+Patch15: pluginmanager-fix.diff
+Patch18: no-rpath.dif
+Patch19: shut-up.diff
+Patch23: fix-accessible.diff
+# From
+# Current version from
+Patch31: limit-image-size.diff
+Patch35: qt-transparency.patch
+Patch37: 0055-qtextedit_zoom.patch
+Patch39: fix-qtranslator-crash.diff
+Patch42: add_qexport_visibility.patch
+Patch54: kmenu-search-fix.diff
+Patch113: fix-assistant-path.patch
+Patch117: qtimer-debug.diff
+Patch121: qt3-warnings.diff
+Patch125: qcstring-format-warnings.diff
+Patch127: mng-reading-fix.patch
+Patch134: fix-xinput-clash.diff
+Patch135: parseFontName.diff
+Patch136: qt3-no-date.diff
+Patch139: gcc46.diff
+BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-build
+Qt is a program library for developing applications with graphical user
+interfaces. It allows you to rapidly develop professional programs. The
+Qt library is available not only for Linux but for a great number of
+Unices and even for Windows. Thus it is possible to write programs that
+may be easily ported to those platforms.
+You need a license for using Qt with a non-GPL application, which can
+be acquired from
+See /usr/share/doc/packages/qt3 for details about the new features of
+the current Qt library!
+%define build_sub_dirs src plugins/src tools/designer/uilib/ tools/designer/uic tools/qtconfig tools/assistant/lib tools/assistant tutorial
+%setup -q -n trinity-qt3-
+if [ "%_lib" = "lib64" ]; then
+ln -sf $PWD/src/inputmethod/qinputcontextfactory.h include/
+ln -sf $PWD/src/inputmethod/qinputcontextplugin.h include/
+ln -sf $PWD/src/kernel/qinputcontext.h include/
+ln -sf $PWD/src/kernel/qinputcontextinterface_p.h include/private/
+ln -sf $PWD/src/kernel/qximinputcontext_p.h include/private/
+# copy qt kde integration files
+cp %SOURCE100 %SOURCE101 src/kernel/
+cp %SOURCE101 include/private/
+cd translations
+tar xvjf %SOURCE12
+cd ..
+%package devel
+Summary: Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development
+Group: Development/Libraries/X11
+Requires: c++_compiler
+Requires: cups-devel
+Requires: freetype2-devel
+Requires: libjpeg-devel
+Requires: libmng-devel
+Requires: pkgconfig
+Requires: qt3 = %version
+Requires: xorg-x11-devel
+%if %suse_version > 1120
+Recommends: libpng14-compat-devel
+Requires: libpng-devel
+Requires: libpng-devel
+%if %suse_version > 1000
+Requires: Mesa-devel
+Requires: xorg-x11-Mesa
+Requires: xorg-x11-Mesa-devel
+%ifnarch x86_64 s390x sparc64 ppc64 mips64
+Conflicts: devel_libs-32bit
+# bug437293
+%ifarch ppc64
+Obsoletes: qt3-devel-64bit
+%description devel
+You need this package if you want to compile programs with Qt 3. It
+contains the "Qt Crossplatform Development Kit 2". Under /usr/lib/qt3
+you will find include files.
+You need a license for using Qt with a non-GPL application. A license
+can be acquired at
+export VERSION=%suse_version
+source %SOURCE1 %{version}
+export WLIB=%_lib
+export QTDIR=`pwd`
+if [ %_lib == "lib64" ]; then
+export RPM_OPT_FLAGS="$RPM_OPT_FLAGS -fno-strict-aliasing"
+# call build from build_script.rpmrc for threaded Qt library
+# only really needed tools will be builded here, all extra tools will be
+# builded in qt3.spec
+call_configure -v -thread -shared -no-sql-mysql -no-sql-psql -no-sql-odbc -no-sql-sqlite $OPTIONS
+for i in %build_sub_dirs ; do
+ cd $i
+ make %{?jobs:-j%jobs}
+ cd -
+export VERSION=%suse_version
+export WLIB=%_lib
+export QTDIR=`pwd`
+source %SOURCE1 %{version}
+for i in %build_sub_dirs ; do
+ cd $i
+ cd -
+post_install $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/qt3/
+mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/share/pixmaps/
+sed -i -e 's, on: .*,,' $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/qt3/%_lib/*.la
+# copy additional files
+install -m 0755 bin/qmake bin/moc ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/bin/
+install -m 0755 -d ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/translations/
+install -m 0644 translations/*.qm ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/translations/
+if [ %_lib = lib64 ]; then
+ for i in $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/qt3/plugins/*/*.so; do
+ mv "$i" "${}"
+ done
+# move pkgconfig files
+mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_libdir/pkgconfig
+mv $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/qt3/%_lib/pkgconfig/*.pc \
+ $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_libdir/pkgconfig
+rmdir $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/qt3/%_lib/pkgconfig
+# move docs in doc dir
+install -d -m 0755 ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/%{_defaultdocdir}/qt3/
+install -d -m 0755 ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/mkspecs/
+install -d -m 0755 ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/mkspecs/
+cp -a mkspecs/* ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/mkspecs/
+if [ %_lib == "lib64" ]; then
+ ln -sf linux-g++-64 ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/mkspecs/default
+ ln -sf linux-g++ ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/mkspecs/default
+find ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/mkspecs -type f -perm /111 -print0 | xargs -0 chmod a-x
+# create links in path
+install -d -m 0755 ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/%{_libdir}
+ln -sf ../lib/qt3/%{_lib}/ ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/%{_libdir}/
+ln -sf ../lib/qt3/%{_lib}/ ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/%{_libdir}/
+[ "lib" != "%{_lib}" ] && \
+ ln -sf ../lib/qt3 ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/%{_libdir}/qt3
+mkdir -p ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/etc/profile.d
+install -m 644 %SOURCE10 %SOURCE11 ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/etc/profile.d
+# default qt settings
+mkdir -p ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/etc/X11
+mkdir -p ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/etc/
+ln -sf /etc/X11/ ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/etc/settings
+install -m 0644 %SOURCE3 ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/etc/X11/qtrc
+# clean broken links
+if [ %_lib == "lib64" ]; then
+ rm ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/mkspecs/linux-g++-64/linux-g++-64
+ rm ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/mkspecs/linux-g++/linux-g++
+rm -rf ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/lib/qt3/doc/html
+if test -L usr/lib/qt3; then
+ rm usr/lib/qt3
+if ! grep -q '^\[3.3\]' etc/X11/qtrc ; then
+echo "" >> etc/X11/qtrc
+echo "[3.3]" >> etc/X11/qtrc
+echo "libraryPath=/opt/kde3/lib64/kde3/plugins/:/opt/kde3/lib/kde3/plugins/" >> etc/X11/qtrc
+%postun -p /sbin/ldconfig
+# FIXME provide new changelog if kb9vqf will give one
+%doc changes-3.3.8b README* LICENSE* MANIFEST FAQ
+%dir /usr/lib/qt3/translations
+%dir /usr/lib/qt3
+%dir /usr/lib/qt3/bin
+%dir /usr/lib/qt3/%{_lib}
+%dir /usr/lib/qt3/etc
+%lang(de) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/assistant_de.qm
+%lang(ar) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_ar.qm
+%lang(ca) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_ca.qm
+%lang(cs) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_cs.qm
+%lang(de) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_de.qm
+%lang(es) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_es.qm
+%lang(fr) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_fr.qm
+%lang(he) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_he.qm
+%lang(ru) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_ru.qm
+%lang(sk) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_sk.qm
+%lang(it) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_it.qm
+%lang(ja) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_ja.qm
+%lang(nb) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_nb.qm
+%lang(pl) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_pl.qm
+%lang(pt) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_pt-br.qm
+%lang(pt) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_pt.qm
+%lang(zh) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_zh-cn.qm
+%lang(zh) /usr/lib/qt3/translations/qt_zh-tw.qm
+%config(noreplace) /etc/X11/qtrc
+%ifarch s390x sparc64 x86_64 ppc64 mips64
+%dir %{_libdir}/qt3
+%files devel
+# FIXME provide new changelog if kb9vqf will give one
+%doc changes-3.3.8b
+%config /etc/profile.d/qt3.*
+* Sun Feb 10 2013 Francois Andriot <> - 3.3.8.d-2
+- Initial build for TDE
+* Sat Sep 29 2012 Francois Andriot <> - 3.3.8.d-1
+- Initial build for TDE