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Use autotools to build Amarok on Ubuntu and Debian
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+Source: amarok-trinity
+Section: kde
+Priority: optional
+Maintainer: Timothy Pearson <>
+XSBC-Original-Maintainer: Modestas Vainius <>
+Uploaders: Ana Beatriz Guerrero Lopez <>
+Build-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>= 5.0.0), quilt, bzip2,
+ kdelibs4-trinity-dev,
+ libxine-dev, libdbus-tqt-1-dev,
+ libtag1-dev, libsqlite3-dev, libtunepimp-dev,
+ libmysqlclient15-dev | libmysqlclient16-dev, libpq-dev,
+ libvisual-0.4-dev, libsdl1.2-dev,
+ libifp-dev, libusb-dev, libgpod-nogtk-dev (>= 0.4.2), libnjb-dev, libmtp-dev,
+ ruby, ruby1.8-dev, kdebase-trinity-dev,
+ libtool, libltdl-dev, cmake
+Standards-Version: 3.8.4
+Package: amarok-trinity
+Architecture: any
+Depends: amarok-common-trinity (>= ${source:Version}), amarok-engine-xine-trinity (= ${binary:Version}) | amarok-engine-yauap-trinity (= ${binary:Version}), unzip, ${shlibs:Depends}
+Suggests: amarok-engines-trinity, moodbar, konqueror-trinity | www-browser,
+ python, python-qt3, libqt0-ruby1.8, libvisual-0.4-plugins
+Description: versatile and easy to use audio player for KDE3
+ Amarok tries to be a little different, providing a simple drag and drop
+ interface that really makes playlist handling easy.
+ .
+ Features include:
+ - rapid playlist creation, with drag and drop from a directory view
+ - nice playlist browser for your existing playlists (PLS or M3U formats)
+ - collection-indexing support, for smart browsing and playlist creation
+ - possibility of accessing media via kioslaves, allowing you to play
+ via smb:// or fish:// (normal streams are of course supported)
+ - inline ID3 tag editing, capable of retrieving tags via MusicBrainz
+ - album cover support: automatically displays album covers from the
+ filesystem, or downloaded on the fly
+ - miscellaneous audio effects, including crossfading
+ - easy bindable global shortcuts, rich DCOP interface
+ - On-Screen Display (OSD), on track change or at keypress
+ - iPod and iRiver support
+ - stream playing support (if ruby is installed)
+ - Track "mood" display (requires moodbar package installed)
+ .
+ Support for libvisual visualization plugins is also compiled in (you need
+ to have libvisual-0.4-plugins installed to be able to use it).
+Package: amarok-common-trinity
+Architecture: all
+Depends: ruby
+Recommends: amarok-trinity (>= ${source:Version})
+Suggests: libqt0-ruby1.8, python, python-qt3
+Description: architecture independent files for Amarok [Trinity]
+ This package contains architecture independent files needed for Amarok to run
+ properly. It also provides Amarok documentation. Therefore, unless you have
+ 'amarok' package installed, you will hardly find this package useful.
+ .
+ You need to install Python if you intend to use Zeroconf support, WebControl
+ and/or playlist2html scripts. You will also need python-qt3 for the
+ WebControl script.
+Package: amarok-engines-trinity
+Architecture: all
+Depends: amarok-engine-xine-trinity (>= ${source:Version}), amarok-engine-yauap-trinity (>= ${source:Version})
+Description: output engines for the Amarok music player [Trinity]
+ This package serves merely as a reference point if you want to install
+ all available Amarok engines. It depends on those Amarok engines that
+ generally can be used by most users. You can safely remove this metapackage
+ as you can remove the amarok-engine-$engine packages that you don't use.
+Package: amarok-engine-xine-trinity
+Architecture: any
+Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}
+Recommends: amarok-trinity (= ${binary:Version})
+Description: xine engine for the Amarok audio player [Trinity]
+ This package provides the xine engine for Amarok, which you may prefer
+ for some reason over the other engines (e.g., it is the lightest engine
+ Dependency-wise).
+Package: amarok-engine-yauap-trinity
+Architecture: any
+Depends: yauap, ${shlibs:Depends}
+Recommends: amarok-trinity (= ${binary:Version})
+Description: Yauap engine for the Amarok audio player [Trinity]
+ This package includes Amarok yauap engine, which provides a frontend
+ to Yauap Commandline Audio Player. DBus is used as a means of communication
+ between the engine and Yauap. Please note that some extra Amarok features
+ (like visualizations) might not be available while using this engine.
+Package: amarok-trinity-dbg
+Priority: extra
+Architecture: any
+Depends: amarok-trinity (= ${binary:Version})
+Recommends: kdelibs-trinity-dbg
+Description: debugging symbols for Amarok [Trinity]
+ This package provides debugging symbols for all binary packages built from
+ amarok source package. It's highly recommended to have this package installed
+ before reporting any Amarok crashes to either Amarok developers or Debian
+ package maintainers.