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+.TH "BibleTime" "1" "July 17, 2004" "BibleTime 1.4.1" "KDE Application"
+bibletime \- Bible study tool for KDE
+.B bibletime
+This manual page documents briefly the
+.B bibletime
+KDE Application.
+This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution
+because the original program does not have a manual page.
+.B BibleTime
+is a free and easy to use bible study tool for UNIX systems.
+It requires a working KDE environment and the SWORD library.
+BibleTime provides easy handling of digitized texts (Bibles, commentaries
+and lexicons) and powerful features to work with these texts (search in
+texts, write own notes, save, print etc.).
+.SS "Generic options:"
+Show help about options
+Show Qt specific options
+Show KDE specific options
+Show all options
+Show author information
+\fB\-v\fR, \fB\-\-version\fR
+Show version information
+Show license information
+End of options.
+Enable debug messages.
+Ignore the startup session that was saved when BibleTime was closed
+the last time.
+\fB\-\-open\-default\-bible\fR \fIkey\fR
+Open the default bible with the given \fIkey\fR.
+.I random
+to open at a random position.
+The full documentations for
+.B bibletime
+.B bible study
+are maintained as docbook manuals. If the
+.B khelpcenter
+program is properly installed at your site, the command
+.B khelpcenter help:/bibletime
+should give you access to the complete manual.
+Please use
+ or
+to report bugs, do not mail the authors directly.
+BibleTime was written by
+Joachim Ansorg <>
+Martin Gruner <>
+Nikolay Igotti <>
+Gary Sims <>
+Timothy R. Butler <>
+James Ots <>
+Fred Saalbach <>
+This manual page was prepared by
+Erik Schanze <>
+for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).