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+Source: smartcardauth
+Section: tde
+Priority: extra
+Maintainer: Timothy Pearson <>
+Uploaders: Timothy Pearson <>
+Build-Depends: debhelper (>=5.0), cdbs, pcsc-tools, pcscd-nodbus, initramfs-tools, libpcsc-perl, libpcsclite1, libccid, opensc, libpar-packer-perl, libdb-dev (>= 4.7), libpam0g-dev, libssl-dev, libkrb5-dev, libtqtinterface-dev
+Standards-Version: 3.8.4
+Package: smartcardauth
+Architecture: any
+Depends: pcsc-tools, pcscd-nodbus, initramfs-tools, libpcsc-perl, libpcsclite1, libccid, opensc, zenity, gksu
+Replaces: smartcardauth (<< 4:14.0.0)
+Breaks: smartcardauth (<< 4:14.0.0)
+Conflicts: openct
+Description: SmartCard Login and LUKS Decrypt, Setup Utility
+ This utility will allow you to set up your computer to accept a SmartCard as an authentication source for:
+ - Your encrypted LUKS partition
+ - TDE3.x, including automatic login, lock, and unlock features
+ It is designed to work with any ISO 7816-1,2,3,4 compliant smartcard
+ Examples of such cards are:
+ - The Schlumberger MultiFlex
+ - The ACS ACOS5 / ACOS6 series of cryptographic ISO 7816 cards
+ If a card is chosen that has PKSC support, such as the ACOS cards, this utility can run
+ simultaneously with the certificate reading program(s) to provide single sign on
+ in addition to the PKCS certificate functionality