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+aRts for Debian ships without the SUID bit set on artswrapper, thus
+preventing the aRts daemon from running with realtime scheduling
+priority, a feature which helps prevent audio skips and jumps.
+This restriction is in place due to aRts' unfortunate tendency to
+lock the system on exit, when run with realtime priority on systems
+with a 2.4 series kernel.
+NB: The aKode library, used in conjunction with aRts, dramatically
+improves aRts' CPU usage and helps to maintain uninterrupted
+playback, often making realtime scheduling unnecessary. To make use
+of aKode, simply "apt-get install libarts1-akode-trinity".
+Users running other kernels, or simply willing to risk it, can set
+SUID on artswrapper, thus enabling the possibility of realtime
+scheduling, by running, as root:
+dpkg-statoverride --add --update root root 4755 /usr/bin/artswrapper
+If this causes problems, the default permissions can be restored by
+running, as root:
+dpkg-statoverride --remove /usr/bin/artswrapper
+chmod 0755 /usr/bin/artswrapper
+ -- Christopher Martin <> Mon, 6 Dec 2004 12:26:16 -0500