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+.TH "JuK" "1" "April 2006"
+juk \- music organizer and player for KDE
+JuK (pronounced "jook") is a jukebox and music manager for the KDE
+desktop similar to jukebox software on other platforms such as
+iTunes or RealOne.
+\fIjuk\fP does not accept any command-line options.
+\fIjuk\fP has a DCOP (Desktop Communications Protocol) interface
+that may be used to start, stop, skip forward to the next song,
+etc. This may be done from the command line using \fIdcop\fP
+as follows:
+$ dcop juk Player forward
+$ dcop juk Player back
+$ dcop juk Player stop
+$ dcop juk Player play
+This page was written by David Schleef <> for Debian,
+but may be used elsewhere.