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* RPM packaging: remove obsolete pm-utils dependency in tdeutilsFrançois Andriot2016-01-031-4/+1
* RPM Packaging: fix tdeedu on opensuse tumbleweedFrançois Andriot2016-01-032-32/+28
* RPM Packaging: update kofficeFrançois Andriot2016-01-024-14/+6
* RPM Packaging: fix LAME support in kaffeine and tdemultimediaFrançois Andriot2016-01-013-3/+4
* RPM packaging: fix ktechlab build on opensuse tumbleweed (again)François Andriot2016-01-011-1/+5
* RPM packaging: fix ktechlab build on opensuse tumbleweedFrançois Andriot2016-01-012-1/+8
* RPM packaging: fix knemo build on opensuse tumbleweedFrançois Andriot2016-01-011-3/+10
* RPM packaging: fix tdeartwork build on opensuse tumbleweed (again, again)François Andriot2016-01-011-0/+4
* RPM packaging: fix tdeartwork build on opensuse tumbleweed (again)François Andriot2016-01-011-0/+20
* RPM packaging: fix tdeartwork build on opensuse tumbleweedFrançois Andriot2015-12-311-1/+1
* RPM packaging: fix smartcardauth build on opensuse tumbleweedFrançois Andriot2015-12-311-3/+4
* RPM packaging: fix tdebindings build on opensuse tumbleweedFrançois Andriot2015-12-311-0/+10
* RPM packaging: fix screensaver detection in tdeartworkFrançois Andriot2015-12-311-187/+92
* RPM packaging: update build scriptsFrançois Andriot2015-12-314-4/+6
* RPM Packaging: minor fix for Fedora 22François Andriot2015-12-311-1/+1
* RPM Packaging: minor fixes for RHEL 5François Andriot2015-12-312-0/+6
* RPM Packaging: minor fixes for openSUSE TumbleWeedFrançois Andriot2015-12-316-5/+16
* RPM packaging: minor updates for 14.0.xFrançois Andriot2015-12-214-8/+33
* RPM packaging: update repo urlFrancois Andriot2015-11-252-12/+12
* RPM packaging: build fixes for TDE 14.0.2 on Fedora 23François Andriot2015-11-125-1/+17
* RPM Packaging: more R14.0.2 updatesFrançois Andriot2015-11-11186-193/+210
* RPM Packaging: more update for 14.0.2François Andriot2015-11-0832-38/+38
* RPM Packaging: update for 14.0.2François Andriot2015-11-07138-286/+631
* RPM packaging: updates dependencies for 14.0.2François Andriot2015-11-0621-268/+59
* RPM packaging: massive update SPEC filesFrançois Andriot2015-08-30306-1160/+400
* RPM Packaging: add smartcardauth patchFrançois Andriot2015-08-091-0/+2
* RPM Packaging: fix openldap 2.4 support on RHEL 5François Andriot2015-08-096-6/+6
* RPM Packaging: add missing dependenciesFrançois Andriot2015-08-0814-7/+36
* RPM Packaging: rename fileFrançois Andriot2015-08-051-0/+0
* RPM Packaging: massive updateFrançois Andriot2015-08-0579-9948/+1951
* RPM Packaging: massive updates for R14.0.1François Andriot2015-07-2236-86/+345
* RPM Packaging: massive update spec filesFrançois Andriot2015-06-29182-251/+10187
* RPM packaging: update dependencies packagesFrançois Andriot2015-06-2716-73/+117
* Merge branch 'master' ofçois Andriot2015-06-274-3/+3
| * RPM packaging: minor updatesFrancois Andriot2015-05-204-3/+3
* | RPM packaging: update smartcardauth, trinity-filesystemFrançois Andriot2015-06-272-5/+6
* | RPM packaging: update build scriptsFrançois Andriot2015-06-274-9/+10
* RPM packaging: minor description fixFrançois Andriot2015-05-053-3/+3
* RPM packaging: enable xine for tdemultimedia, amarok on RHELFrançois Andriot2015-05-052-2/+2
* RPM packaging: update tde-systemsettings, tdesv, tdmtheme, tellico, tork, twi...François Andriot2015-05-0332-2506/+771
* RPM packaging: update kaffeineFrançois Andriot2015-05-031-1/+1
* RPM packaging: update tde-guidance, style-lipstik, style-qtcurve, tdepowersav...François Andriot2015-05-0322-28420/+373
* RPM packaging: update tdeio-ftps, tdeio-locate, tdeio-sword, tdeio-umountwrap...François Andriot2015-04-2812-889/+391
* RPM Packaging: enable xscreensaver on RHELFrançois Andriot2015-04-275-6/+8
* RPM packaging: update smartcardauth, smb4k, soundkonverter, tde-guidance, tde...François Andriot2015-04-2718-2105/+410
* RPM packaging: enable jack in arts and tdeartworkFrançois Andriot2015-04-242-2/+2
* RPM Packaging: update mplayerthumbs, piklab, potracegui, qt4-tqt-theme-engine...François Andriot2015-04-2417-1600/+343
* RPM packaging: update ktorrent, kuickshow, kvirc, kvkbd, kvpncFrançois Andriot2015-04-2344-165201/+362
* RPM packaging: update ksplash-engine-moodin, ksquirrel, kstreamripper, ksyste...François Andriot2015-04-2221-1582/+335
* RPM packaging: update kaffeineFrançois Andriot2015-04-211-1/+1