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* Merge branch 'master' ofçois Andriot2013-07-1912-236/+3330
| * RPM Packaging: R14 updatesFrançois Andriot2013-07-1912-224/+3306
| * RPM Packaging: some R14 updatesFrancois Andriot2013-07-173-23/+30
* | RPM Packaging: more updatesFrançois Andriot2013-07-1928-28/+3209
* Merge branch 'master' ofçois Andriot2013-07-097-1/+2988
| * RPM Packaging: add tde-i18n for R14.0.0François Andriot2013-07-085-0/+2985
| * RPM Packaging: minor updateFrançois Andriot2013-07-082-1/+3
* | RPM Packaging: fix kbiffFrançois Andriot2013-07-072-4/+273
* RPM Packaging: add applications for R14François Andriot2013-07-0794-201/+17459
* Merge branch 'master' ofçois Andriot2013-07-07422-1130/+12892
| * RPM Packaging: lot of R14 packagesFrançois Andriot2013-07-0544-1130/+12892
| * RPM Packaging: rename lots of SPEC filesFrançois Andriot2013-07-05384-0/+0
* | RPM Packaging: add kbibtex and kbiffFrançois Andriot2013-07-072-0/+277
* RPM Packaging: rename knetworkmanagerFrançois Andriot2013-07-056-0/+0
* RPM Packaging: add kcmautostartFrançois Andriot2013-07-059-0/+589
* RPM Packaging: updatesFrançois Andriot2013-06-301-0/+744
* RPM Packaging: updatesFrançois Andriot2013-06-3015-97/+229
* RPM packaging: some 14.0.0 packagesfrancois2013-06-2812-2/+6963
* RPM Packaging: initial support for R14.0.0François Andriot2013-06-2655-2825/+5497
* RPM Packaging: misc updates forçois Andriot2013-06-2421-515/+294
* RPM Packaging: add other files forçois Andriot2013-06-2438-0/+2437
* RPM Packaging: add build patchesFrançois Andriot2013-06-2443-0/+23206
* RPM Packaging: add SPEC file for other componentsFrançois Andriot2013-06-2494-0/+19807
* RPM packaging: add SPEC file for main componentsFrançois Andriot2013-06-2419-0/+21788
* RPM Packaging: update existing SPEC filesFrançois Andriot2013-06-2446-1385/+141
* RPM Packaging: rename directoriesFrançois Andriot2013-06-24411-0/+13
* RPM Packaging: more forgotten filesFrancois Andriot2013-01-0711-74396/+145
* RPM packaging: adds forgotten files for kdenetworkFrancois Andriot2013-01-073-2/+40
* RPM packaging: adds optional plugins to K3BFrancois Andriot2013-01-071-9/+99
* RPM packaging: updates build scriptalbator2013-01-071-5/+24
* RPM packaging: lots of updatesFrancois Andriot2013-01-0322-8/+66922
* RPM: add PCLinuxOS supportFrancois Andriot2012-11-24116-3972/+376
* RHEL/Fedora/MGA/MDV/Suse: update main and libraries for TDE Andriot2012-10-2189-333/+98949
* RHEL/Fedora/MGA/MDV/Suse: update extras for TDE Andriot2012-10-2147-1558/+11352
* RHEL/Fedora/MGA/MDV/Suse: update dependencies for TDE Andriot2012-10-2118-220/+1748
* RHEL/Fedora/MGA/MDV/Suse: update applications for TDE Andriot2012-10-21152-157/+16461
* RHEL/Fedora/MGA/MDV: fix meta package to include guidance-powermanagerFrancois Andriot2012-09-011-0/+1
* RHEL/Fedora: removes kled patch in kdelibsFrancois Andriot2012-09-011-5/+0
* MGA/MDV: fix kdeartwork buildFrancois Andriot2012-09-011-1/+1
* RHEL/Fedora: fix ksensors include dirsFrancois Andriot2012-09-011-1/+1
* RHEL/Fedora: renames QT3 libpng15 patchFrancois Andriot2012-09-012-1/+1
* MGA/MDV: remove '.a' files from libcaldav/libcarddavFrancois Andriot2012-09-012-2/+2
* RHEL/Fedora/MGA/MDV: fix kgtk-qt3 scriptsFrancois Andriot2012-09-011-3/+9
* RHEL/Fedora/MGA/MDV: fix gtk-qt-engine installationFrancois Andriot2012-09-011-1/+15
* MGA/MDV: fix digikam version numberFrancois Andriot2012-09-011-2/+2
* RHEL/Fedora: updates many packagingFrancois Andriot2012-08-1927-136/+564
* RHEL/Fedora: more updates ...Francois Andriot2012-08-096-2/+4596
* RHEL/Fedora: updates akodeFrancois Andriot2012-08-091-1/+8
* RHEL/Fedora: updates kdebluetoothFrancois Andriot2012-08-091-63/+89
* RHEL/Fedora: update build scriptFrancois Andriot2012-08-092-2/+134