path: root/ubuntu/maverick/applications/dolphin/debian/rules
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* DEB: use _base folder for a distro instead of specific distros (squeezeMichele Calgaro2019-04-031-24/+0
| | | | | | and maverick). Signed-off-by: Michele Calgaro <>
* DEB dolphin: The man page has been moved to the main tree.Slávek Banko2019-02-151-16/+13
| | | | | | Modify the rules into line with the usual. Signed-off-by: Slávek Banko <>
* Switch package format to quilt on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-12-281-1/+1
| | | | This resolves Bug 1782
* Switch patch system from simple to quilt on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-09-151-1/+1
* Use xz (or bzip2) compression for Debian and Ubuntu binary packagesSlávek Banko2012-12-111-0/+3
* Move man pages to /opt/trinity in dolphin on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2012-09-121-3/+4
* Set CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo for other modules on Debian and UbuntuTimothy Pearson2012-08-091-1/+2
* Initial import from old SVN repositoryTimothy Pearson2011-07-101-0/+22
Note that only the Debian and Ubuntu folders were preserved