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+%define version 0.8.5
+%define release 1
+%define serial 1
+%define prefix /opt/kde3
+Name: kuickshow
+Summary: KuickShow -- A very fast image viewer/browser
+Version: %{version}
+Release: %{release}
+Serial: %{serial}
+Copyright: GPL
+Packager: Carsten Pfeiffer <>
+Group: X11/KDE/Graphics
+BuildRoot: /tmp/kuickshow-%{version}-root
+Prefix: %{prefix}
+KuickShow is a very fast image viewer, that lets you easily
+browse large galleries. A builtin filebrowser and manager
+is also available. Usage is somewhat inspired by ACDSee.
+It supports many fileformats, e.g. jpeg, gif, png, psd, bmp,
+tiff, xpm, xbm, xcf, eim, ...
+KuickShow has a nice user interface, that allows you to browse large amounts
+of images in a short time. It can zoom, mirror, rotate images, adjust
+brightness, contrast and gamma and can do a slideshow, of course.
+It is fully configurable through dialogs.
+Besides that, it offers a nice filebrowser with basic filemanager capabilities
+like renaming, deleting, creating directories, ...
+Install with '--prefix $KDEDIR' unless you have the kde-config program.
+%setup -n kuickshow-%{version}
+which kde-config || PREFIX=%{prefix}
+if test -z "$PREFIX"; then
+ PREFIX=`kde-config --prefix`
+export KDEDIR="$PREFIX"
+CXXFLAGS="$RPM_OPT_FLAGS -fno-exceptions -pipe" LDFLAGS=-s ./configure --prefix="$PREFIX" --enable-final --disable-debug
+mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
+find . -type d | sed '1,2d;s,^\.,\%attr(-\,root\,root) \%dir ,' > $RPM_BUILD_DIR/file.list.%{name}
+find . -type f | sed 's,^\.,\%attr(-\,root\,root) ,' >> $RPM_BUILD_DIR/file.list.%{name}
+find . -type l | sed 's,^\.,\%attr(-\,root\,root) ,' >> $RPM_BUILD_DIR/file.list.%{name}
+rm -f $RPM_BUILD_DIR/file.list.%{name}
+%files -f ../file.list.%{name}