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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
+<sect1 id="entities">
+<title>Working With &XML; Data Files (Entities)</title>
+<para> If the inspector dialog is not showing use the <menuchoice>
+<guimenu>Tools</guimenu> <guimenuitem>Show inspectors</guimenuitem>
+</menuchoice> menu item. To work with entities click on the
+<guilabel>Entities</guilabel> tab of dialog shown. </para>
+<para> All external &XML; entities included via the DATA file or one
+of its siblings are listed here. For this example I have run &kxsldbg;
+on <filename>testdoc.xsl</filename> with
+<filename>testdoc.xml</filename> (found in the
+<filename role="directory">&lt;KDE PREFIX&gt;/share/apps/kxsldbg</filename> folder so that you can see some entities.</para>
+<screeninfo>The Entities Window</screeninfo>
+<imagedata fileref="entities_window.png" format="PNG" />
+<textobject><phrase>The Entities Window</phrase></textobject>
+Clicking on a entity entry in the list shown will cause the cursor in the
+main window to move to the start of the file indicated.