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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
+<sect1 id="variables">
+<title>Working With Variables</title>
+If the inspector dialog is not showing use the
+<guimenuitem>Show inspectors</guimenuitem>
+menu item.
+Local and global variables are show in a tab on the inspector dialog.
+The following example shows a XSLT code segment that declares a global and a local variable
+ &lt;xsl:variable name="globalvariable" select="'foo'"/&gt;
+ &lt;xsl:template match="/"/&gt;
+ &lt;xsl:param name="localvariable" select="'bar'"/&gt;
+ &lt;/xsl:template match="/"/&gt;
+Clicking with with mouse on a variable in the list will cause summary
+information to be displayed in the bottom of the dialog. If a variable has
+ a select expression, for example
+ &lt;xsl:variable name="changeable" select="'oldValue'" /&gt;
+then a new XPath an be choosen by entering a new value
+ for <guilabel>Variable expression</guilabel> then clicking the <guibutton>Set expression</guibutton> button.</para>
+<screeninfo>The Variables tab</screeninfo>
+<imagedata fileref="variables_window.png" format="PNG" />
+<textobject><phrase>The Variables Tab</phrase></textobject>
+<caption><para>The Variables Tab</para></caption>
+Clicking on a variable entry in the list shown will cause the cursor in
+the main window to move to the file and line number indicated.