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+Changes from 0.37 to 0.38
+ - Fix for reading some chm files. Running over a large directory of chm
+ files, about 1% of them turned out to be unreadable. This resulted from
+ an incomplete understanding of one of the header fields (index_root).
+ Apparently, this can take negative values other than -1.
+ - Security fix for extract_chmLib. Pathnames containing a ".." element
+ will not be extracted. There doesn't seem to be a legitimate reason to
+ use ".." as a path element in a chm file.
+Changes from 0.36 to 0.37
+ - Major security fix for stack overflow vulnerability:
+ - Corrected the broken
+Changes from 0.35 to 0.36
+ - Major security fix (iDEFENSE Security Advisory IDEF1099 - Stack Overflow
+ Vulnerability)
+ - Major security fix from Palasik Sandor (LZX decompression buffer overrun)
+ - Bugfix/enhancement from David Huseby to make the "what" flags to
+ chm_enumerate work correctly, and to pass the flags along to the callback
+ function (via the chmUnitInfo structure) so that the callback doesn't
+ need to re-parse the filename.
+ - Compilation fixes for x86-64 from Vitaly V. Bursov.
+ - Miscellaneous fixes to the configure script, including some significant
+ cleanup by Vadim Zeitlin. The changes from Vadim should also allow the
+ configure script to correctly configure the build on OS X, where it was
+ previously failing to note that pread64 doesn't work.
+ - Minor update to the to do a mkdir before the install, in case
+ the specified INSTALLPREFIX directory is non-existent
+Changes from 0.32 to 0.35
+ - UTF-8 filenames, while still not handled correctly, are handled a little
+ more gracefully. That is to say, the library doesn't fail to open files
+ with filenames using characters outside the ASCII subset. I'm very
+ interested in any information as to the "right" way to handle filenames
+ of this sort.
+ - Files not containing a compressed section are handled properly, such as
+ .chw files. These files seem to contain information about compression,
+ but the information is invalid or empty. The library deals gracefully
+ with this now.
+ - Files compressed with different options were not being decompressed
+ properly. In particular, if the "reset interval" for the compressed
+ section was other than 2 block sizes, it could fail to read some of the
+ files.
+ - The caching system was improved slightly, in conjunction with this
+ previous bugfix.
+Changes from 0.3 to 0.32:
+ - [Rich Erwin] Minor portability fixes for Windows CE.
+ - [Pabs] Minor bugfix regarding detecting directory entries versus empty files.
+ - [Antony Dovgal] autoconf-based build process
+ - [Ragnar Hojland Espinosa] Feature additions for chm_http:
+ * Allow --bind= and --port= command line arguments
+ - Simple makefile has been fixed (finally) to use gcc instead of gcc-3.2. (Sorry, everybody!)
+Changes from 0.2 to 0.3:
+ - initial attempt at portability to Win32.
+ - bugfixes from Stan Tobias:
+ * memory corruption error with caching system
+ * case insensitivity, to match with the Windows semantics
+ - modification to chm_http by Stan Tobias:
+ * when the user requests the page '/', they get a page with links to
+ all of the files in the archive
+ - Andrew Hodgetts has ported the library to Solaris and Irix. See README for details.
+ - Stuart Caie has granted permission to relicense under the LGPL.