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Initial import of kiosktool
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+* Make it possible to select targeted KDE version
+(e.g. in order to use KDE 3.4 only features)
+* Add editor for URL (file) restrictions
+* Finish docu
+* Add section for kcontroledit (KDE 3.3 and later)
+* Add autostart editor
+* Make it possible to inherit profiles by using <MergeFile type="parent">
+instead of copying the profile.
+* Change to kcontrol-style header graphics.
+* Add config option that starts kicker->configure panel->menus
+* Use <MergeFile type="parent"> in instead of
+* Sidebar configuration isn't kiosk friendly
+* No way to specify global bookmarks
+* Add commandline tool to manipulate settings & lockdown attributes in profiles