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Removed references to - part 6. This relates to bug 1846.
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@@ -4055,8 +4055,7 @@ msgid ""
"back using the <b>Back</b> button.</p>"
"<p>We hope you'll enjoy this tool!</p>"
-"<br><p align=right><a href=\"\"><i>"
-"The TDE printing team</i></a>.</p>"
+"<br><p align=right><i>The TDE printing team</i>.</p>"
msgstr ""
@@ -4065,8 +4064,7 @@ msgstr ""
"voit aina palata edelliseen kohtaan <b>Takaisin</b>-painikkeella.</p>"
"<p>Toivomme, että nautit tästä työkalusta!</p>"
-"<br><p align=right><a href=\"\"><i>"
-"TDE:n tulostustyöryhmä</i></a>.</p>"
+"<br><p align=right><i>TDE:n tulostustyöryhmä</i>.</p>"
#: management/kmdriverdbwidget.cpp:51
msgid "&PostScript printer"
@@ -5586,12 +5584,10 @@ msgstr ""
#: posterpreview.cpp:115
msgid ""
"Poster preview not available. Either the <b>poster</b> "
-"executable is not properly installed, or you don't have the required version; "
-"available at"
+"executable is not properly installed, or you don't have the required version."
msgstr ""
"Julistetta ei voida esikatsella. Joko <b>poster</b>-ohjelmaa ei ole asennettu "
-"oikein tai se ei ole tarvittava versio. Ohjelma on saatavilla osoitteesta "
+"oikein tai se ei ole tarvittava versio."
#: kprinterpropertydialog.cpp:78 kprinterpropertydialog.cpp:138
msgid "Printer Configuration"
@@ -5795,14 +5791,7 @@ msgid ""
"tiles.] </p> "
"<p><b>Note:</b> The standard version of 'poster' will not work. Your system "
"must use a patched version of 'poster'. Ask your operating system vendor to "
-"provide a patched version of 'poster' if he does not already. </p> "
-"<p><b>Additional hint for power users:</b> A patched version of 'poster' is "
-"available from the <a href=\"\">TDEPrint Website</a> "
-"at <a "
-"a>. The direct link to the patched source tarball is <a "
-"</a> </p> </qt>"
+"provide a patched version of 'poster' if he does not already. </p></qt>"
msgstr ""
#: kpposterpage.cpp:68