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Update minor TQt3 tool names to match current TQt3 sources in GIT
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@@ -11639,11 +11639,11 @@ msgid ""
"<p>Loads a file which contains descriptions of custom widgets, so that these "
"custom widgets can be used in the Qt Designer.</p>\n"
"<p>Since it is a lot of work to type in all the information for custom widgets, "
-"you should consider using the createcw tool which is in "
-"$QTDIR/tools/designer/tools/createcw. Using createcw you can create custom "
+"you should consider using the tqtcreatecw tool which is in "
+"$QTDIR/tools/designer/tools/tqtcreatecw. Using tqtcreatecw you can create custom "
"widget description files for your custom widgets without the need to type in "
"all the information manually. For more information about the README file in the "
-"createcw directory</p>"
+"tqtcreatecw directory</p>"
msgstr ""
#. i18n: file ./kdevdesigner/designer/customwidgeteditor.ui line 190