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+# translation of kcmperformance.po to Low Saxon
+# Copyright (C) 2004, 2005, 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+# Heiko Evermann <>, 2004.
+# Sönke Dibbern <>, 2005, 2006.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: kcmperformance\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-08-23 02:32+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2006-01-28 02:05+0100\n"
+"Last-Translator: Sönke Dibbern <>\n"
+"Language-Team: Low Saxon <>\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.1\n"
+#: kcmperformance.cpp:48
+msgid ""
+"<h1>KDE Performance</h1> You can configure settings that improve KDE "
+"performance here."
+msgstr ""
+"<h1>KDE-Leisten</h1> Hier kannst Du Optschonen fastleggen, de de Leisten vun "
+"KDE verbetern köönt."
+#: kcmperformance.cpp:56
+msgid "Konqueror"
+msgstr "Konqueror"
+#: kcmperformance.cpp:60
+msgid "System"
+msgstr "Systeem"
+#: kcmperformance.cpp:91
+msgid ""
+"<h1>Konqueror Performance</h1> You can configure several settings that improve "
+"Konqueror performance here. These include options for reusing already running "
+"instances and for keeping instances preloaded."
+msgstr ""
+"<h1>Konqueror-Leisten</h1> Hier kannst Du en Reeg Optschonen instellen, de de "
+"Leisten vun Konqueror verbetern köönt. Dor höört Optschonen för dat Bruken vun "
+"al lopen Finstern un dat Vörladen vun Utgaven to."
+#: konqueror.cpp:37
+msgid ""
+"Disables the minimization of memory usage and allows you to make each browsing "
+"activity independent from the others"
+msgstr ""
+"Maakt dat Minnern vun den Spiekerbruuk ut, Nettkieker-Akschonen hangt denn nich "
+"vun anner Nettkieker-Akschonen af."
+#: konqueror.cpp:40
+msgid ""
+"With this option activated, only one instance of Konqueror used for file "
+"browsing will exist in the memory of your computer at any moment, no matter how "
+"many file browsing windows you open, thus reducing resource requirements."
+"<p>Be aware that this also means that, if something goes wrong, all your file "
+"browsing windows will be closed simultaneously"
+msgstr ""
+"Wenn aktiveert, warrt dat binnen den Spieker vun Dien Reekner bloots een Utgaav "
+"vun Konqueror för dat Plegen vun Dateien geven; wo vele Finstern Du dor för "
+"bruukst, speelt keen Rull. Dat bruukt minn Ressourcen."
+"<p>Beacht bitte, dat dit ok bedüüdt, dat sik all Dien Dateipleegfinstern op "
+"eenmaal tomaakt, wenn dor wat geel geiht.</p>"
+#: konqueror.cpp:48
+msgid ""
+"With this option activated, only one instance of Konqueror will exist in the "
+"memory of your computer at any moment, no matter how many browsing windows you "
+"open, thus reducing resource requirements."
+"<p>Be aware that this also means that, if something goes wrong, all your "
+"browsing windows will be closed simultaneously."
+msgstr ""
+"Wenn aktiveert, warrt dat binnen den Spieker vun Dien Reekner bloots een Utgaav "
+"vun Konqueror geven; wo vele Finstern Du bruukst, speelt keen Rull. Dat bruukt "
+"minn Ressourcen."
+"<p>Beacht bitte, dat dit ok bedüüdt, dat sik all Dien Konqueror-Finstern op "
+"eenmaal tomaakt, wenn dor wat geel geiht.</p>"
+#: konqueror.cpp:60
+msgid ""
+"If non-zero, this option allows keeping Konqueror instances in memory after all "
+"their windows have been closed, up to the number specified in this option."
+"<p>When a new Konqueror instance is needed, one of these preloaded instances "
+"will be reused instead, improving responsiveness at the expense of the memory "
+"required by the preloaded instances."
+msgstr ""
+"Bi en Weert grötter as Null blifft Utgaven vun Konqueror binnen den Spieker, ok "
+"na dat all ehr Finstern tomaakt wöörn, man nich mehr as hier angeven."
+"<p>Wenn en niege Utgaav opropen warrt, warrt ansteed disse vörlaadt Utgaven "
+"bruukt, wat bannig wat gauer geiht. De Nadeel is, dat de vörlaadt Utgaven wat "
+"Spieker bruukt.</p>"
+#: konqueror.cpp:69
+msgid ""
+"If enabled, an instance of Konqueror will be preloaded after the ordinary KDE "
+"startup sequence."
+"<p>This will make the first Konqueror window open faster, but at the expense of "
+"longer KDE startup times (but you will be able to work while it is loading, so "
+"you may not even notice that it is taking longer)."
+msgstr ""
+"Wenn aktiveert, warrt en Utgaav vun Konqueror na dat Hoochfohren vun KDE "
+"<p>Dat eerst Konqueror-Finster geiht denn gauer op, man KDE bruukt wat länger "
+"för't Hoochfohren (Man, Du kannst in disse Tiet al wat doon, so dat Du dor "
+"villicht gor nich üm wies warrst). </p>"
+#: konqueror.cpp:75
+msgid ""
+"If enabled, KDE will always try to have one preloaded Konqueror instance ready; "
+"preloading a new instance in the background whenever there is not one "
+"available, so that windows will always open quickly."
+"<p><b>Warning:</b> In some cases, it is actually possible that this will reduce "
+"perceived performance."
+msgstr ""
+"Wenn aktiveert, warrt KDE versöken, jümmers en vörlaadt Utgaav vun Konqueror "
+"praat to hebben. Dat warrt jümmers een Utgaav in'n Achtergrund laden, wenn dor "
+"keen verföögbor is, so dat nieg Finstern jümmers gau opgaht."
+"<p><b>Wohrschoen:</b> Dat kann mennigmaal dorto föhren, dat de \"föhlte\" "
+"Leisten sogor leger is.</p>"
+#. i18n: file konqueror_ui.ui line 27
+#: rc.cpp:3
+#, no-c-format
+msgid "Minimize Memory Usage"
+msgstr "Minn Spieker bruken"
+#. i18n: file konqueror_ui.ui line 38
+#: rc.cpp:6
+#, no-c-format
+msgid "&Never"
+msgstr "&Nienich"
+#. i18n: file konqueror_ui.ui line 46
+#: rc.cpp:9
+#, no-c-format
+msgid "For &file browsing only (recommended)"
+msgstr "Bloots för &Dateipleeg (anraadt)"
+#. i18n: file konqueror_ui.ui line 54
+#: rc.cpp:12
+#, no-c-format
+msgid "Alwa&ys (use with care)"
+msgstr "&Jümmers (mit Acht bruken)"
+#. i18n: file konqueror_ui.ui line 64
+#: rc.cpp:15
+#, no-c-format
+msgid "Preloading"
+msgstr "Vörladen"
+#. i18n: file konqueror_ui.ui line 83
+#: rc.cpp:18
+#, no-c-format
+msgid "Maximum number of instances kept &preloaded:"
+msgstr "Maximaaltall vun vörlaadt &Utgaven:"
+#. i18n: file konqueror_ui.ui line 118
+#: rc.cpp:21
+#, no-c-format
+msgid "Preload an instance after KDE startup"
+msgstr "En Utgaav na KDE-Start vörladen"
+#. i18n: file konqueror_ui.ui line 126
+#: rc.cpp:24
+#, no-c-format
+msgid "Always try to have at least one preloaded instance"
+msgstr "Versöken, jümmers een Utgaav praat to hebben"
+#. i18n: file system_ui.ui line 24
+#: rc.cpp:27
+#, no-c-format
+msgid "System Configuration"
+msgstr "Systeem-Instellen"
+#. i18n: file system_ui.ui line 35
+#: rc.cpp:30
+#, no-c-format
+msgid "Disable &system configuration startup check"
+msgstr "Keen Prööv vun de &Systeem-Instellen bi't Starten"
+#. i18n: file system_ui.ui line 43
+#: rc.cpp:33
+#, no-c-format
+msgid ""
+"<b>WARNING:</b> This option may in rare cases lead to various problems. Consult "
+"the What's This? (Shift+F1) help for details."
+msgstr ""
+"<b>WOHRSCHOEN:</b> Disse Optschoon kann in rore Fäll to en Reeg Problemen "
+"föhren. Bruuk de \"Wat is dat\"-Funkschoon (Ümschalt+F1), wenn Du mehr weten "
+#: system.cpp:34
+msgid ""
+"<p>During startup KDE needs to perform a check of its system configuration "
+"(mimetypes, installed applications, etc.), and in case the configuration has "
+"changed since the last time, the system configuration cache (KSyCoCa) needs to "
+"be updated.</p>"
+"<p>This option delays the check, which avoid scanning all directories "
+"containing files describing the system during KDE startup, thus making KDE "
+"startup faster. However, in the rare case the system configuration has changed "
+"since the last time, and the change is needed before this delayed check takes "
+"place, this option may lead to various problems (missing applications in the K "
+"Menu, reports from applications about missing required mimetypes, etc.).</p>"
+"<p>Changes of system configuration mostly happen by (un)installing "
+"applications. It is therefore recommended to turn this option temporarily off "
+"while (un)installing applications.</p>"
+"<p>For this reason, usage of this option is not recommended. The KDE crash "
+"handler will refuse to provide backtrace for the bugreport with this option "
+"turned on (you will need to reproduce it again with this option turned off, or "
+"turn on the developer mode for the crash handler).</p>"
+msgstr ""
+"<p>Bi't Hoochfohren pröövt KDE de Systeem-Instellen (MIME-Typen, installeerte "
+"Programmen, usw.), un frischt den Twischenspieker för de System-Instellen "
+"(System Configuration Cache, KSyCoCa) op, wenn sik siet den leste Loop wat "
+"ännert hett.</p> "
+"<p>Mit disse Optschoon warrt de Prööv later maakt, KDE mutt denn nich bi't "
+"Hoochfohren all Ornern mit Instellendateien dörkieken, wat dat Starten gauer "
+"maakt. Man wenn sik dor wat daan hett, un de Ännern warrt bruukt, ehr nieg "
+"pröövt warrt, köönt dor en Reeg Problemen bi rutkamen (Programmen fehlt in't "
+"K-Menü, Fehlermellen över MIME-Typen, de nich dor sünd, usw.).</p>"
+"<p>De Systeem-Instellen warrt tomehrst dör dat Installeren oder Wegdoon vun "
+"Programmen ännert. Dat is also anraadt, de Optschoon bi't Installeren oder "
+"Wegdoon vun Programmen en Tiet lang uttomaken.</p>"
+"<p>Vun dat Bruken vun disse Optschoon warrt afraadt. De KDE-Afstörtenpleger "
+"warrt keen Fehlerspoor för den Fehlerbericht maken, wenn se anmaakt is (Du "
+"muttst den Afstört denn mit de utmaakte Optschoon nochmaal utlösen, oder den "
+"Schriever-Bedrief för den Afstörtenpleger anmaken).</p>"