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* Move tdefilereplace from tdewebdev to tdeutilsSlávek Banko2018-10-091-0/+0
* qt -> tqt conversion:Michele Calgaro2018-09-281-1/+1
* qt -> tqt conversion:Michele Calgaro2018-09-271-2/+2
* Update bug reports url to bugs.trinitydesktop.orgSlávek Banko2018-07-019-65/+65
* Fix invalid headers in PNG files and optimize for sizeTimothy Pearson2016-07-231-0/+0
* Fix incorrectly renamed stringsSlávek Banko2015-03-058-39/+39
* Fix incorrectly renamed stringsTimothy Pearson2015-03-011-2/+2
* Automated l10n update (.po files)r14.0.0Automated System2014-11-0530-2960/+3040
* Automated l10n update (.po files)Automated System2014-10-044-24/+24
* Automated l10n update (.po files)Automated System2014-10-034-444/+314
* Automated l10n update (.po files)Automated System2014-09-304-9/+7
* Remove references to obsolete kinfocenterTimothy Pearson2014-09-291-2/+0
* Automated l10n update (.po files)Automated System2014-09-29552-88484/+88495
* Automated l10n update (.po files)Timothy Pearson2014-09-29551-113726/+117703
* Fixed FTBFS for Russian translation, due to the recent changes.Michele Calgaro2014-08-014-9/+4
* Updated Russian translations, part 17 and last. This resolves bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-284-5317/+6290
* Updated Russian translations, part 16. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-286-450/+612
* Updated Russian translations, part 15. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-276-145/+522
* Updated Russian translations, part 14. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-241-5962/+6746
* Updated Russian translations, part 13. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-231-5554/+5957
* Updated Russian translations, part 12. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-225-2399/+3040
* Updated Russian translations, part 11. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-206-1909/+2597
* Updated Russian translations, part 10. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-206-4691/+6053
* Updated Russian translations, part 9. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-206-2840/+3604
* Updated Russian translations, part 8. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-206-853/+998
* Updated Russian translations, part 7. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-197-1520/+2048
* Updated Russian translations, part 6. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-196-1626/+2105
* Updated Russian translations, part 5. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-196-78/+127
* Updated Russian translations, part 4. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-197-165/+347
* Updated Russian translations, part 3. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-196-330/+435
* Updated Russian translations, part 2. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-196-169/+322
* Updated Russian translations, part 1. This relates to bug 952.Michele Calgaro2014-07-196-130/+451
* Rebranding: TDE Control Center --> Trinity Control CenterMichele Calgaro2014-06-0917-28/+28
* Removed references to - part 11. This relates to bug 1846.Michele Calgaro2014-04-023-65/+15
* Rename nonkdeappbutton->nontdeappbutton in support of commit 314310a0.Darrell Anderson2014-03-021-2/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of Anderson2014-03-021-6/+6
| * Update kcontrol.po filesSlávek Banko2014-03-021-6/+6
* | Rename po files in support of commit 722ce1ef.Darrell Anderson2014-03-022-0/+0
* Fix broken ktip paths.Darrell Anderson2014-02-201-6/+6
* Update reference to renamed parent file.Darrell Anderson2014-02-141-5/+5
* Update kcontrol.po files in support of commit f7e7a694.Darrell Anderson2014-02-061-3/+3
* Finish renaming kiconedit->tdeiconedit.Darrell Anderson2014-02-062-68/+68
* Fix typo.Darrell Anderson2014-01-2518-18/+18
* Finish renaming klirc -> tdelircDarrell Anderson2014-01-061-2/+2
* Rename kdebugdialog -> tdedebugdialogDarrell Anderson2014-01-061-16/+16
* Rename kdeeject -> tdeejectDarrell Anderson2014-01-061-2/+2
* Initial cmake conversionAlexander Golubev2013-12-3118-0/+60
* Rename kdewidgets => tdewidgetsSlávek Banko2013-12-231-7/+7
* Update minor TQt3 tool names to match current TQt3 sources in GITTimothy Pearson2013-11-071-6/+6
* Additional k => tde renaming and fixesSlávek Banko2013-09-03144-4045/+4045