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DEB build scripts: several enhancements as follow:
- major rework of script, which now supports multiple branches and provide better feedback to user. - added support for pre-built extra dependency packages. A user can now use Slavek Banko's binary packages instead of building the extra dependency locally. This removes a quite tedious process during the setup of the building environment. - bug fixes and more user friendly folder names. - improved README to cover the complete process until TDE installation. Special thanks to Gregory Guy <> for testing and feedback done so far. Signed-off-by: Michele Calgaro <>
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+. ./internals/
+build_module "applications/koffice"
+build_module "applications/koffice-i18n"
+build_module "applications/keximdb"
+build_module "applications/konversation"
+build_module "applications/kooldock"
+build_module "applications/kopete-otr"
+build_module "applications/kpicosim"
+build_module "applications/kpilot"
+build_module "applications/kplayer"