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--- a/ubuntu/maverick/applications/amarok/debian/control
+++ b/ubuntu/maverick/applications/amarok/debian/control
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ Depends: amarok-common-trinity (>= ${source:Version}), amarok-engine-xine-trini
Replaces: amarok-kde3 (<< 4:3.5.13)
Breaks: amarok-kde3 (<< 4:3.5.13)
Suggests: amarok-engines-trinity, moodbar, konqueror-trinity | www-browser,
- python, python-qt3, libqt0-ruby1.8, libvisual-0.4-plugins
+ python, python-qt3, libqt0-ruby1.8-trinity, libvisual-0.4-plugins
Description: versatile and easy to use audio player for Trinity
Amarok tries to be a little different, providing a simple drag and drop
interface that really makes playlist handling easy.
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ Depends: ruby
Replaces: amarok-common-kde3 (<< 4:3.5.13)
Breaks: amarok-common-kde3 (<< 4:3.5.13)
Recommends: amarok-trinity (>= ${source:Version})
-Suggests: libqt0-ruby1.8, python, python-qt3
+Suggests: libqt0-ruby1.8-trinity, python, python-qt3
Description: architecture independent files for Amarok [Trinity]
This package contains architecture independent files needed for Amarok to run
properly. It also provides Amarok documentation. Therefore, unless you have