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* RPM Packaging: update qt3 for opensuseFrançois Andriot2015-06-292-0/+851
* RPM packaging: update qt3 for opensuseFrançois Andriot2015-06-272-54/+4
* RPM Packaging: update QT3François Andriot2015-04-1237-9302/+0
* RPM packaging: remove obsolete fileFrançois Andriot2015-04-101-1/+0
* RPM Packaging: updates for packages build on OBSFrançois Andriot2015-04-092-0/+36
* RPM Packaging: update for Fedora 20François Andriot2013-12-281-4/+4
* RPM Packaging: update for opensuse 13.1François Andriot2013-08-241-2/+6
* RPM Packaging: rename directoriesFrançois Andriot2013-06-242-40/+50
* Opensuse: add QT3 for TDE Andriot2013-02-101-0/+355
* openSUSE: add QT3 for TDE Andriot2012-10-219-0/+761
* rebuild dbus-tqt/libdbus-tqt-1-0 for suse12.1Robert Xu2012-07-282-0/+7
* initial package (failing) of tqt3 for SuSE12.1Robert Xu2012-07-2848-0/+10046
* update dbus-1-tqt/libdbus-1-tqt0 for suse12.1Robert Xu2012-07-272-0/+7
* update tqtinterface/libtqt4 for suse12.1Robert Xu2012-07-273-0/+8
* update qt3 for suse12.1Robert Xu2012-07-273-4/+16
* better late than never, hm...Robert Xu2012-03-31133-399/+10346
* Push working tdelibs (rpmlint errors don't count)Robert Xu2012-02-2642-800/+1227
* yuck. eclipse begone. I only use eclipse for my complicated javaRobert Xu2012-02-01132-11262/+0
* Thanks to Andrea Cascio for getting Qt3 3.3.8d building!Robert Xu2011-11-1951-2808/+133
* ah! my eclipse files! >_>Robert Xu2011-11-1624-0/+7091
* fix qt3 a bit mroe and have it in sync with OBSRobert Xu2011-11-1663-17341/+220
* qt3 update and service file, and eclipse integrationRobert Xu2011-11-1265-19/+3409
* fix up tdebase and add qt3Robert Xu2011-11-1284-1130/+31157
* initial commit to suse branch: eclipse integrationRobert Xu2011-11-10370-0/+65722