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Update qtcurve to latest upstream version
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+1. Disable the support for 'fix parent-less dialog' option - this causes too many
+ issues with applications to be worth the fuss. If you really want this enabled,
+1. Use same radius for all corners of progressbar.
+1. Add 'glow' focus option - this is now the default.
+2. Fix potential crash in rgbToHsv
+3. Enable glow/shadow/etch for square and slight round settings.
+4. Draw coloured mouse over for 'checked' toggle buttons.
+5. Use Highlight colour for default button glow.
+6. Default sub-menu popup delay to 225 - matches Gtk2 standard default.
+7. Fix glow-mouse over for radio buttons.
+1. Add option to set progressbar colour.
+2. Add options to have squared sliders and/or scrollbar sliders even when
+ general setting set to round.
+1. Fix config dialog compilation.
+1. Add striped window and menu background options.
+2. Added options to not square frames and tab frames.
+3. Add option to drag windows by menubar.
+4. Blend menubar and window titlebar gradients if:
+ menubar, titlebar, and inactive titlebar gradients match AND
+ not blending titlebar gradient AND
+ using window titlebar colour for menubar AND
+ extending window drag into menubar
+5. Default titlebar colours to window colours - matches KDE4 default.
+6. Fix drawing of scrollbar background.
+1. Fix compilation of config module. Please note that this module is deprecated,
+ and might be out-of sync with the maintained KDE4 version.
+2. Fix compile when style support is enabled.
+1. Add option to use kwin titlebar colours as menubar shade.
+2. Fix(?) compilation of config module.
+3. Dont use KStandardDirs to create config folder.
+4. Use 'kde' to disable parent-less dialog fix for all KDE applications.
+1. Draw etch effect on radios if using a button effect, and not using button-like
+ check/radios.
+2. If drawing square non-gtk style scrollviews, use a dark/light borders.
+3. If drawing square scrollviews, set frame width to 1 if using thin scrollbar
+ groove.
+4. Add options to draw square progress and entry fields when rounding.
+5. Add option to control whether progressbars have a border on all sides, or just
+ top/bottom.
+6. Add option to colour default buttons using highlight colour.
+7. Expand selected check/radio colour option so as to be able to specify colour.
+8. Allow to draw focus highlight for square scrollviews.
+1. #include config.h before using QTC_QT_ONLY
+1. Add option to not embolden progressbar text.
+2. Add option to allow coloured mouse over for toolbar buttons.
+3. Config module is deprecated, and no longer updated - use KDE4 config module
+ to change settings. If KDE3 version is required, pass -DQTC_BUILD_CONFIG_MODULE=true
+ to cmake.
+1. Apply cygwin patches from Yaakov S - use MODULE istead of SHARED.
+ 1. Added option to colour selected check/radios.
+ 2. Added option to use a smaller dot for radios.
+ 3. Made check/radio and splitter highlight options a configurable % - i.e.
+ not based on standard hightlight %
+ 4. When highlighting check/radio/splitter background, use the selection gradient.
+ 5. Added new splitter/handle/thumb style: single dot.
+ 6. Default check/radio/splitter/expander highlight set to 3%
+ 7. Don't do coloured mouse over for buttons of editable combos, spin buttons,
+ or scrollbar buttons.
+ 8. Don't do regular coloured mouse over of sliders when these are set to be
+ coloured on mouse over.
+ 9. Allow to specify strength when colouring selected tab.
+10. Remove support for QtCurve styles (these appear as unique KDE styles in the
+ main KDE style selection dialog). Re-enable support by passing
+ -DQTC_STYLE_SUPPORT=true to cmake.
+11. Slightly lighter shade used for coloured mouse over of arrows.
+12. Add option to specify appearance of dock-widget titlebars.
+13. When saving settings to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/qtcurve/stylerc, remove the older
+ $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/qtcurvestylerc, and $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/qtcurve.gtk-icons if they
+ exist.
+14. Use split gradient for dock-widget titlebars.
+15. Reduce number of supplied presets.
+16. Allow to compile style against just Qt3 - tarball includes a simplified copy
+ of KStyle. Need to pass -DQTC_QT_ONLY=true to cmake. NOTE: May also need to set QTDIR
+ *before* calling cmake.
+17. If KDE3 development files not found, then automatically set -DQTC_QT_ONLY=true
+1. Remove line beneath dock widget titles.
+1. Add option to control whether bottom tabs should have their gradient
+ shades inverted.
+2. Config files now stored under $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/qtcurve (e.g. ~/.config/qtcurve)
+3. Fix some issue with 'flat' appearance.
+4. Fix shaded listview headers sometime being uninitialised.
+1. Fix reading, and saving, of 'dark inverted gradient' setting.
+1. New options:
+ Control whether icons are displayed in menus
+ Force alternate colours in listviews
+1. Fix saving of menubar item 'colour on mouse over' setting.
+2. Offset sunken slider thumbs to improve appearance.
+1. Only do mouse over for entries if combos and spin widgets are unified.
+2. If not etching/shadowing, when mouse over set to 'glow' use 'thick coloured'
+3. If not etching/shadowing, decrease thinner scrollbar groove.
+4. Fix shaded button on combos when not etching/shadowing.
+5. Remove hard-coding of light border in progressbars - use gradient setting.
+1. Disable combobox mouse over for OpenOffice.
+1. Add option to draw insider border of inactive tabs.
+2. Add option to colour the sorted listview header.
+3. Disable spin button when at min/max - matches Gtk2.
+4. Disable scrollbar buttons when at min/max - to match spin buttons.
+5. Place non-V arrows of unified spin widgets closer together.
+6. Fix shadows on radio buttons.
+ 1. Add a new 'Dark Inverted Gradient' and use this as the default gradient
+ for menu stripes.
+ 2. New 'Agua' style gradient - looks better under KDE4 and Gtk2.
+ 3. Add option to lighten/darken the background of tabs.
+ 4. Make inactive tabs more consistent with active tabs.
+ 5. Remove sunken scroll views config item, and replace with option to control
+ if entries and scroll views should be etched (sunken).
+ 6. Modify defaults:
+ Scrollbars outside of scrollview (Gtk/oxygen style)
+ Thin scrollbar groove.
+ 7. Use KDE_SESSION_VERSION to determine which KDE prefix (KDE3, or KDE4) to
+ seach first for qtc_xxx.themerc files.
+ 8. Update Klearlooks to be more consistent with Clearlooks (lighten tab background,
+ use highlight strip on active tab, dont colour active tab)
+ 9. Use default KDE4 settings to determine colour of text for disabled items.
+10. When calling kde-config/kde4-config pipe stderr to /dev/null
+1. Use 'MS Windows' and not 'Windows' for scrollbar type - to aid
+ translations.
+2. Fix installation location of translation files.
+1. When not using button-like check/radio boxes, use view text as the
+ indicator colour.
+2. Fix slight tab glitches when using glow tab mouse over and square
+ tabs.
+3. Fix usage of custom menu text colours.
+4. Fix custom menu stripe colour.
+5. In config dialog - for gradient directions, use "Top to bottom" instead of
+ "Horizontal" and "Left to right" instead of "Vertical"
+6. Add support for translations of config dialogs.
+ Turkish translation by Necmettin Begiter
+1. Add option to draw list view lines in pre 0.65 style.
+1. Use a border width of 1 if gradienting popupmenus.
+2. When using darkened menu stripe use popupmenu background colour as the
+ base colour.
+3. Fix gradient menus when not using lighter popup menu backgrounds.
+4. Dont fill background of PE_PanelLineEdit
+5. When readining kicker's settings, and window colours, use the correct KDE home.
+6. Fix blank menus in Amarok when using gradient menu background.
+ 1. Add options to draw editable combos, and spin widgets, as edit fields with
+ embedded arrows - oxygen style.
+ 2. Add option to draw a light border around tab widgets, as opposed to 3d look.
+ 3. Added ability to specify scrollbar width (11 -> 31, default 15)
+ 4. Base slider dimensions off of scrollbar width, unless using triangular slider.
+ 5. Add option to have thinner buttons.
+ 6. Add option to specify gradient for background of popupmenus.
+ 7. Enable mouse-over for entry fields.
+ 8. For mouse-over and focus, use same colour for top and bottom inner parts
+ of entry fields.
+ 9. When using full focus with coloured mouse over, then mouse over takes
+ precedence.
+10. Alter default settings:
+ Place arrows of spin buttons, and editable combos, in the edit field.
+ Draw a light border around tab widget.
+ Thinner buttons.
+ Use soft gradient for active tab.
+ Use glow style highlight for tab mouse-over (this introduces gaps between tabs).
+11. Modified how button, and combo, heights are calculated - no longer set a
+ minimum height.
+12. Fix some re-draw errors with thin scrollbar grooves.
+13. Default to reading KDE4 settings if KDE_SESSION_VERSION is not set.
+ Pass -DQTC_DEFAULT_TO_KDE3=true to cmake to force this to default to KDE3.
+14. Call kde-config / kde4-config to ascertain users KDEHOME.
+15. Fix slight redraw error with glow style mouse over tabs.
+16. Remove box from listview arrows when configured to drawn listview lines.
+1. When using shaded combo buttons, use button colours for border.
+1. When using shaded combo buttons, use the combo splitter setting to
+ determine if there should be a border between the shaded and unshaded parts.
+2. Fix background of some QTextEdits.
+ 1. Add option to not draw border around popupmenus.
+ 2. Add option to unify spinbuttons.
+ 3. Add option to set sub-menu delay (default 100ms)
+ 4. Use equal top/bottom padding on popupmenu separators.
+ 5. Add option to colour arrow part of combobox.
+ 6. Draw resize grip as a darkend triangle.
+ 7. Add a 'thick coloured border' mouse over type.
+ 8. Allow to darken sliders.
+ 9. Add new default button indicator - darken.
+10. Fix mispainted spin widget entry field.
+11. Fix reading of KDE4 palette.
+12. Fix setting of check/radio shade.
+13. Fix storing of custom menu stripe colour.
+14. In config dialog, place '%'symbol on the right for the "popup menu background"
+ setting.
+15. Fix kaffeine's slider benig completely filled at start of song.
+16. Fix LineEdit in qtconfig.
+17. Under KDE4 (KDE_SESSION_VERSION>=4), default hover/focus colours to the
+ KDE4 defaults.
+ 1. Add '3dfull' to gradient border options. This forces the
+ dark, as well as the light, portion to be drawn.
+ 2. Use a lighter shade for the dark portion of gradient border.
+ 3. Flat dot for radio buttons.
+ 4. Option to use button colour for listview headers.
+ 5. Use KDE4 colours for focus and mouse-over.
+ 6. Removal of background focus option.
+ 7. Softer colouration of selected tab.
+ 8. Tab mouse over options; top (as before), below, or glow.
+ 9. Modified defaults:
+ Tab mouse-over highlight drawn at the bottom
+ Plain slider style
+ Align titlebars text in center
+10. Add appearance setting for background of flat scrollbar buttons.
+11. Add HCY colour space.
+12. Use tint and mix colour routines from KDE4's KColourUtils.
+13. Remove QtCurve's 'inactiveHighlight' option, and use KDE4s setting
+ instead.
+14. Add option to specify appearance setting of filler part of sliders.
+15. Increase number of custom gradients - now matches number of gradient
+ config items.
+16. When using glow style mouse over, use mouse over colour for arrows.
+17. Option to use a thinner groove for scrollbars (only when using flat, or no, buttons).
+18. Option to only colour sliders on mouse over.
+19. Option to round all tabs.
+20. Add option to specify menu stripe colour.
+21. Update gradient preview when change colour space.
+22. Remove 'Custom sunken gradient' setting, as this was not
+ actually used.
+23. Better handling of 'full centered' titlebar texts when
+ window size is small.
+24. Fix scrolbar sliders appearing rounded when round=none, sliders
+ are shaded, and flat scrollbar buttons.
+25. Fix faded menuitems when not rounding.
+26. Make popup menu titles more KDE4-like.
+27. Fix use of base colour in disabled listviews. (Fixes bug introduced in 0.62.0)
+1. Show 'extra' as the default round setting in the config UI, as this is
+ actually the default. Note, that KDE3 does not support this and will use
+ 'full' instead.
+1. Allow ability to specify if titlebar center alignment is for the full window
+ width, or just the text area.
+1. Use gradient for filled slider - unless appearance is flat/raised.
+2. Remove menubar item size adjust code when toolbar borders are set - not
+ needed for KDE3, as it has padding anyway.
+3. Don't highlight slider groove on mouse-over.
+4. Fix coloured bottom tabs.
+5. Fix faded menuitems when not lightening popupmenus.
+1. When drawing filled slider groove, use fill colour for border as well.
+2. Better positioning of V arrows on secondary scrollbar buttons.
+1. Fix misdrawing of filled slider groove when slider is at 0.
+2. Use correct appearance setting for slider groove.
+3. Fix potentional palette issues if Qt3 and KDE3 have difference palettes.
+4. Override QStyle::drawItem to remove etched disabled text, as opposed to
+ just setting GUIStyle styleHint. This fixes the 'click on menubaritem' to
+ close menu issue.
+5. When menubars have a border, adjust the menubar items accordingly.
+6. When filling the used part of a slider groove, use the slider colour
+ if set, otherwise use the highlight colour.
+1. Fix crash when coloured mouse over is set to none, and focus is set to full.
+2. Make focus full like KDE4/Gtk2
+3. Fix some issues gradient issues (tabs and menuitems).
+1. Use highlight colour for unselected focused view items.
+2. Fix saving/reading of custom shades.
+3. Fix striped progress.
+4. Fix background of disabled spin widgets.
+ 1. Reduce gradient code complexity - makes predefined gradients
+ work in the same vein as custom gradients.
+ 2. Add scrollbar/slider groove and 'sunken' appearance options.
+ 3. Added new soft and harsh gradients.
+ 4. Change defaults:
+ Soft gradient
+ Fade menuitems
+ Don't use highlight for menu.
+ Default highlight set to 3%
+ Toolbar separators set to sunken
+ Flat menubar appearance
+ Button like check/radios
+ Supply, and use, predefined custom shades
+ Plain progress
+ Don't highlight active tab
+ Sunken scrollviews
+ Sunken appearance set to soft
+ Line focus
+ Set custom appearances for titlebars
+ 5. Allow all bar flat and raised tabs to bol coloured.
+ 6. Only save appearance settings if different from default.
+ 7. If a gradient does not define the values for positions 0 and 100, then add these.
+ 8. Better colouring of selected tab.
+ 9. Added new focus options - full and line.
+10. Add new round options - extra and max.
+11. Don't etch disabled items.
+12. Use text colour for focus indicator in tree/list/etc views.
+13. When specifying custom gradients, add the pssibility to have no
+ internal border - options are now none, light, 3d
+14. Only apply plastik style mouse-over scrollbars and sliders when
+ plastik is set as the mouse-over style.
+15. Add option to specify titlebar text alignment.
+16. When setting palette, also set link and link visited colours.
+1. Fix gradient of faded menuitems when not using lighter background.
+2. Disable usage of group box lines - has too many issues.
+1. Fix settings for sliderThumbs, handles, toolbarSeparators, and splitters.
+2. Disable 'group box line' for ksysguard.
+1. Fix setting of options if no qtcurvestylerc is found!
+2. Fix border of tabs.
+1. Fix setting of default style. Fixes odd behaviour of config dialog!
+2. Fix position of dark part of sunken lines.
+3. Improve KDE dock widget titles.
+4. Read in custom gradients and shades from any system config file.
+1. Only draw coloured border for moused-over items if they are enabled!
+2. Add option to draw line after frameless groupbox title.
+3. Dont darken background of dock widget titlebars, just draw a line underneath.
+4. Add 'none' to toolbar handles and splitters style.
+5. Change defaults:
+ Button effect: Shadow
+ Mouse over: Glow
+ Default button indicator: Glow
+ V arrows
+ Flat toolbars
+ Use highlight colour for focus
+ Flat scrollbar buttons
+ No combo line
+ Sunken toolbar handles
+ Only lighten popupmenus by 2%
+ Flat active tab
+ Don't shade sliders
+ Don't darken menubars
+ Use darkened background for progressbars
+6. Allow to darken popup menu background.
+ 1. Add more safety checks for destruction of hover widgets.
+ 2. New focus rect options - standard, highlight, background.
+ 3. Add the ability to specify popup menu light factor.
+ 4. Add option to use darkened background colour for menuitem selection.
+ 5. Add 'fade' to menuitem appearance.
+ 6. Option to have flat scrollbar buttons.
+ 7. New slider styles - plain rotated, and round rotated.
+ 8. Increase size of busy progressbar.
+ 9. Draw border around filled progress.
+10. Option to have button-like checks/radios.
+11. Use base for light part of lineedit border, and background for scrollview.
+12. Nicer 'V' arrows.
+13. Add option to specify appearance of inactive titlebars.
+14. Round internal corners of plain coloured mouse over effect.
+15. Remove reading of Qt3 palette - this 'hack' only worked for pure Qt apps.
+1. In config dialog, rename the 'Fill' progressbar option to 'No border',
+ and place it on the 'Bar' line.
+1. Left align dock widget titles - more KDE4 like. (Right align for RTL)
+2. Dont activate menubar when Alt key is pressed alone - matches Gtk.
+1. Fix background drawng of sliders on toolbars (such as in Kaffeine), when
+ coloured mouse over is disabled and highlight factor is set to 1.0.
+1. Also check in share/kde4/apps/kstyle/themes for qtc_*.themerc files.
+1. Fix appearance of shiny glass defult buttons.
+2. Give glass default buttons a light border.
+ 1. When drawing gray focus rect, draw only slightly rounded.
+ 2. Etch/shadow effect now applied to widget sides as well as
+ top/bottom.
+ 3. Add etching to checks, radios, slider grooves, and progressbars.
+ 4. Option to have progress fill groove - default to true.
+ 5. Option to display non-editable combo splitter - defaults to true.
+ 6. Dont do coloured mouse over for mdi buttons, dock widget buttons,
+ or toolbar buttons.
+ 7. Better coloured mouse over for checks and radios.
+ 8. Don't use background colour for non-coloured mouse over of
+ check/radios if highlighting text backgroud.
+ 9. When colouring menubars, correctly draw menubar text colour
+ of inactive windows.
+10. Fix potential crash when using pixmap cache.
+11. Fix tab coloured mouse-over when not rounded.
+12. Implement size grip.
+13. New mouse over effect - glow. Only applicable if etching or shadowing.
+14. New default button indicator - glow. Only applicable if etching
+ or shadowing.
+15. Allow up to 10 custom defined gradients.
+16. Allow custom shades to be specified.
+17. Add option to specify active tab appearance.
+18. Don't do coloured mouse-overs for sunken buttons.
+19. Apply 'border menuitems' only to popup menus.
+20. If lightening popup menus, and not bordering menuitems, then remove 1
+ pix border arund popup menus.
+21. Change default to not border menuitems.
+22. Re-arrange config GUI.
+23. Remove some frames from kate.
+24. Scrolview options: allow sunken, highlight, and square.
+25. Option to specify progressbar groove appearance.
+1. Add a config option for menu stripe appearance - defaults to gradient.
+2. Add a config option for selection appearance - defaults to flat. KDE4 (Qt4.4) & Gtk2 only.
+3. Use background colour for disabled scrollbar buttons.
+4. Remove some frames from systemsettings.
+5. Don't draw menu separators through stripe.
+6. Draw menu stripe on the right for RTL languages.
+7. Supply a QtCurve colours file.
+8. Lighter menustripe when not lightening menus.
+9. Lighter menu separators.
+1. Fix for frameless groupboxes krusader's config dialog.
+2. Draw QDockWindowResize handles like QSplitters.
+3. Make dock windows more KDE4 like.
+4. Don't draw frames around kicker buttons.
+5. Fix kicker menu stripe.
+1. Modify defaults:
+ Turn off shade menubar only of active window
+ Set default button indicator to tint
+2. Re-added option to highlight background of check/radio text on mouseover.
+1. Don't set sliders to flat just because appearance is flat.
+1. Use case-insesitive string compares when checking Qt and KDE config files.
+2. Fix for (sometimes) ever-boldening frameless groupbox titles.
+3. Don't colour non-maxed sliders of disabled scrollviews.
+1. Fix crash when using corner default button indicator and no coloured
+ mouse over.
+1. Change default settings:
+ Dont animate progressbars
+ Frameless groupboxes
+ Gradient KDE4 window titlebars
+2. Correctly position corner indicator.
+3. Use mouse over colours for corner indicator.
+4. Add option to control window titlebar appearance - default to
+ gradient.
+5. Read in KWin's pallete, and use to colour MDI windows.
+6. Draw own icons for titlebar buttons - more KDE4 like.
+7. Option to tint the default button colour.
+8. Option to draw a stripe on the left hand side of popupmenus.
+9. Only mark default button if it is enabled.
+1. Style "Ideal::Button"s on "Ideal::ButtonBar"s as per KMultiTabBar tabs.
+ (Makes KTorrent's tab buttons look like Kate's sidebar buttons)
+2. Read KDE4's contrast setting if running under KDE4.
1. Add ability to import qtc_*.themerc settings into config dialog.
@@ -23,7 +609,7 @@
6. Optional diagonal progressbar sripes.
7. Use alternating dark/light for dashed toolbar handles.
8. New 'split' style gradient.
- 9. Option to specift slider style: plain, round (only when appearance=round),
+ 9. Option to specify slider style: plain, round (only when appearance=round),
and triangular (plastik-ish)
10. Modify default style: flat splitter lines, flat slider thumbs, no
toolbar separators, triangular slider, diagonal progressbar stripes.
@@ -113,7 +699,7 @@
light colour schemes.
9. Dont draw sunken panel around checked menuitems.
10. Fix karm (and others?) statusbar icon.
-11. Fix for radio buttons in apps where QApplication::NormalColor!=QApplication::colorSpec()
+11. Fix for radio buttons in apps where QApplication::NormalColour!=QApplication::colourSpec()
(e.g. designer)
@@ -221,7 +807,7 @@
follows general appearance.
Tab appearance - set from general appearace.
Draw dock window titles - never.
- Colored sidebar buttons - always.
+ Coloured sidebar buttons - always.
3. Changed appearance of check/radios - now filled with base
4. Etch look for button, combos, line edits, and spin boxes.
@@ -294,7 +880,7 @@
1. Option to control whether highlighted items should use
- the highlight color in inactive windows.
+ the highlight colour in inactive windows.
2. Option to control whether menubars should be shaded in
inactive windows.
3. Fix loading / selection of options.
@@ -334,7 +920,7 @@
next, or none.
9. Slightly better radios in khtml.
10. Slightly smaller buttons.
-11. Option to have colored side-bar buttons - e.g. the buttons on the
+11. Option to have coloured side-bar buttons - e.g. the buttons on the
edge of kate's windows.
12. Improvement to Opera's MDI buttons in menubar area. Not
perfect, but better.
@@ -343,7 +929,7 @@
-1. Fix the config dialog to notice changes in menu text color settings.
+1. Fix the config dialog to notice changes in menu text colour settings.
2. Dont draw menubar text twice!
@@ -359,7 +945,7 @@
5. Really fix KDE 3.5.5 taskbar flicker...
6. Slight improvement to combobox when right-to-left
7. Seperate specification of scollbar slider, and range slider, settings.
- 8. Option to specify menubar text colors.
+ 8. Option to specify menubar text colours.
9. New 'flat' appearance.
10. Options to use a coloured border for mouse-over.
11. Nicer looking check and radio buttons - using pixmaps.
@@ -508,7 +1094,7 @@
7. KDE: Use dots also for general handles - more consistent.
8. KDE: Theme dock window handles - i.e. no more text.
9. KDE: Fix/hack look of MDI window buttons.
-10. GTK2: Hackish fix for firefox and KDE's "apply colors to non-KDE apps"
+10. GTK2: Hackish fix for firefox and KDE's "apply colours to non-KDE apps"
11. GTK: Fix for tear of menu background.
@@ -569,7 +1155,7 @@
6. ALL: New gradient style: bevelled - gradient top/bot, and plain in the
middle. Affects listview headers, buttons, and combos.
7. ALL: Allow setting of listview appearance.
- 8. ALL: Allow setting of listview header color - background, button, or
+ 8. ALL: Allow setting of listview header colour - background, button, or
9. ALL: Option to only round top of selected menubar items.
10. ALL: New toolbar handle style: dashes
@@ -605,8 +1191,8 @@
wont happen in Gtk2 apps until they are restarted.
4. GTK: Dont draw dividers in listview headers, unless header is >10 pixels
5. ALL: Gradient non-selected tabs as well as selected.
-6. GTK2: Also look in "hicolor" for icons. Search order will be:
- <chosen theme>, crystalsvg, hicolor
+6. GTK2: Also look in "hicolour" for icons. Search order will be:
+ <chosen theme>, crystalsvg, hicolour
7. GTK2: Map gt-add and gtk-remove stock icons
@@ -691,7 +1277,7 @@
11. ALL: Fix for tab-bar highlight when using light selection colours.
12. KDE: Fix for non-bordered gradient radio buttons.
13. GTK: More KDE like menu sizing.
-14. KDE: Fix/hack for OO.o2.x menubars. If the selected menu color is toodark,
+14. KDE: Fix/hack for OO.o2.x menubars. If the selected menu colour is toodark,
then lighten. This is required as OO.o always draws the menu text
dark! It seems to have a check for plastik style though, and then
it draws selected popup menu items white.