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Rename kde-config to tde-config
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8. Update Klearlooks to be more consistent with Clearlooks (lighten tab background,
use highlight strip on active tab, dont colour active tab)
9. Use default KDE4 settings to determine colour of text for disabled items.
-10. When calling kde-config/kde4-config pipe stderr to /dev/null
+10. When calling tde-config/kde4-config pipe stderr to /dev/null
@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@
12. Fix some re-draw errors with thin scrollbar grooves.
13. Default to reading KDE4 settings if TDE_SESSION_VERSION is not set.
Pass -DQTC_DEFAULT_TO_KDE3=true to cmake to force this to default to KDE3.
-14. Call kde-config / kde4-config to ascertain users TDEHOME.
+14. Call tde-config / kde4-config to ascertain users TDEHOME.
15. Fix slight redraw error with glow style mouse over tabs.
16. Remove box from listview arrows when configured to drawn listview lines.