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authorChris <>2019-07-07 03:29:37 +0200
committerChris <>2019-07-07 03:29:37 +0200
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Fix German translation for My_Computer.
First impression of the German user of TDE is that he is greeted with a desktop icon on the very top of the desktop called "Speichermedien", which is so long, that it wraps up this ugly way: "Speicherme-dien". Which looks very unpolished and leads to a bad experience for first timers. This comes from KDE3 times still. Most likely it was just copy-pasted from other places. The term "Speichermedien" is used otherwise in nearly all other places (German), so changing it just for that icon looks inconsistent at first. But in fact the original (English) name for it is also called "Computer" and not "Speichermedien" for this icon. So the gain of beeing inconsistent is bigger because it looks more polished. If someone is unhappy about that, he can open a ticket or join IRC to find another solution. Signed-off-by: Chris <>
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diff --git a/kdesktop/init/My_Computer b/kdesktop/init/My_Computer
index 4aa90d7f1..3909fe9dd 100644
--- a/kdesktop/init/My_Computer
+++ b/kdesktop/init/My_Computer
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ Name[ca]=Suports d'emmagatzematge
Name[cs]=Úložná zařízení
Name[csb]=Zôpisowné media
Name[el]=Συσκευές αποθήκευσης
Name[en_US]=My Computer
Name[eo]=Enmemoriga Medio