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@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ usually a folder named <filename class="directory">.kde</filename>
folder. If you want scripts to be executed for all &tde; users, you can
put them under <filename class="directory">$<envar>TDEDIR</envar>/env/</filename>, where $<envar>TDEDIR</envar> is the prefix &tde; was
installed to (you can find this out using the command
-<userinput><command>kde-config</command> --prefix</userinput>).</para>
+<userinput><command>tde-config</command> --prefix</userinput>).</para>
<para>If you wish to start a program after &tde; has started, you may want to use the
<filename class="directory">Autostart</filename> folder. To add
entries to the <filename class="directory">Autostart</filename> folder:
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@@ -653,7 +653,7 @@ only. The requirements is that the script is placed in a folder where &kate;
can find it, along with an optional .desktop file that defines the related
properties. The valid folder are named <filename>katepart/scripts</filename>
in the &tde; data folders. You can find the data folders by running the command
-<command>kde-config <option>--path</option> <parameter>data</parameter></command>
+<command>tde-config <option>--path</option> <parameter>data</parameter></command>
You will usually have at least a system and a personal data folder. Of course
scripts in the system data folder are available to all users on the system,
while those in the personal folder are available for you only.</para>
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@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ Although this guide is revised periodically, those traditional terms might still
<term>&tde; prefix</term>
<listitem><para>&tde; installs into its own folder tree, which is found by
-running the command <userinput><command>kde-config</command> <option>--prefix</option></userinput>. This folder is referred to
+running the command <userinput><command>tde-config</command> <option>--prefix</option></userinput>. This folder is referred to
by the environment variable $<envar>TDEDIR</envar> and possibly
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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ class="directory">.kde/share/config</filename> (replace
the global ones are in the <filename
class="directory">share/config</filename> sub-directory of &tde;'s
installation path. (You can find this path by running the command
-<command>kde-config --prefix</command>.) Their filenames typically
+<command>tde-config --prefix</command>.) Their filenames typically
end in rc (without an initial period), for example <filename>kopeterc</filename>.</para>