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Increase the maximum reserved VT number to 32
The display switch features depend on each session having a VT number, thus it is important to have a suffucient number of VTs available for use Most Linux distributions allow 64 VTs by default, and the kernel allows up to 256 VTs
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diff --git a/tdm/backend/dm.c b/tdm/backend/dm.c
index b6789a6e..be785399 100644
--- a/tdm/backend/dm.c
+++ b/tdm/backend/dm.c
@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ from the copyright holder.
# include <sys/vt.h>
-#define MAX_VT_NUMBER 16
+#define MAX_VT_NUMBER 32
static void SigHandler( int n );
static int ScanConfigs( int force );