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-Thu Jan 29 00:34:49 CET 2004
-Frans Englich <>
-KCM useraccount is a merge of the former tdebase/kcontrol/email
-and tdeutils/kdepasswd/userinfo/. They existed in KDE 3.1, at least.
-As a bonus, on top of saving the stuff with KEMailSettings it tries
-also to save the realname to /etc/passwd. This is done via chfn, wrapped
-in ChfnProcess, chfnprocess.h - which is the place to ifdef/modify so
-other systems/ychfn/whatever works.
-/etc/passwd is not the primary goal, the focus is on KDE's settings. The KCM
-tries to hide the implementation differences and play nice with the
-user - keep that in mind.
-The "face" term is rather scary.. For example I don't think the user immediately
-associate to the login image when a phrase such as this is thrown in the face:
-"Your administrator has disallowed changing your face". Keep it in mind..
-Some information which was available in userinfo is left out - the home
-folder and shell info. A typical user is not interested in the info nor
-knows what it means. And the advanced users already knows it.
-If further information is added, think twice if it should not be
-added in a "Details..." dialog - is it useful for the majority or not?
-The SMTP setting as well as UID should be moved to that dialog too, IMO.