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diff --git a/konsole/konsole/schema.h b/konsole/konsole/schema.h
index 904767df6..0a1fb4cc1 100644
--- a/konsole/konsole/schema.h
+++ b/konsole/konsole/schema.h
@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ protected:
int numb() {if (!m_fileRead) rereadSchemaFile();return m_numb;};
const TQString& title() {if (!m_fileRead) rereadSchemaFile();return m_title;};
const TQString& imagePath() {if (!m_fileRead) rereadSchemaFile();return m_imagePath;};
- int alignment() {if (!m_fileRead) rereadSchemaFile();return m_alignment;};
+ int tqalignment() {if (!m_fileRead) rereadSchemaFile();return m_tqalignment;};
const ColorEntry* table() {if (!m_fileRead) rereadSchemaFile();return m_table;};
bool useTransparency() {if (!m_fileRead) rereadSchemaFile();return m_useTransparency;};
double tr_x() {if (!m_fileRead) rereadSchemaFile();return m_tr_x;};
@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ protected:
int m_numb;
int m_tr_r, m_tr_g, m_tr_b;
- int m_alignment;
+ int m_tqalignment;
TQString m_title;
TQString m_imagePath;
ColorEntry m_table[TABLE_COLORS];
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ protected:
bool m_fileRead:1;
double m_tr_x;
TQString fRelPath; // File name of schema file
- QDateTime *lastRead; // Time last checked for updates
+ TQDateTime *lastRead; // Time last checked for updates
static int serial; // Serial number so that every
// ColorSchema has a unique number.