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* Merge branch 'master' of Pearson2014-10-1219-16/+75
| * Fix FTBFS caused by typo in commit d3ce4fa7Slávek Banko2014-10-134-4/+4
| * Add more processes to watch in ksysguard process managementFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-0/+7
| * Fix process detection in kicker applet naughtyprocessmonitor on openbsdFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-0/+9
| * Fix default halt command in tdm on openbsdFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-0/+4
| * Fix process pid detection in tdefontinst on openbsdFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-4/+14
| * Fix potential segmentation fault in kcontrol info moduleFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-1/+1
| * Fix time saving in kcontrol clock module on openbsdFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-0/+5
| * Fix FTBFS due to linux specific headersFrançois Andriot2014-10-123-0/+6
| * Fix FTBFS because missing header in twin utilsFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-0/+2
| * Fix FTBFS in tdeioslave_smtp because missing headersFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-4/+5
| * Fix FTBFS because missing include directory in tdeioslave_nfsFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-0/+1
| * Fix kate externatools command syntaxFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-1/+1
| * Fix hardcoded link flag to "dl" libraryFrançois Andriot2014-10-124-3/+17
| * Enable shadow related build flags in config.hFrançois Andriot2014-10-121-2/+2
| * Reset submodule main/tdebase/cmake to latest HEADAutomated System2014-10-121-0/+0
* | Bring stop, lock, exit, and run icons into XDG complianceTimothy Pearson2014-10-1224-54/+54
* Bring first and last icons into XDG complianceTimothy Pearson2014-10-121-2/+2
* Bring previous and next icons into XDG complianceTimothy Pearson2014-10-112-3/+3
* Fix ugly missing folder icon in kcontrol peripherals pageTimothy Pearson2014-10-111-2/+3
* Bring joystick icons into XDG complianceTimothy Pearson2014-10-111-1/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of Pearson2014-10-11340-361/+361
| * Fix ServiceTypes, ExcludeServiceTypes, and DocPath desktop file entries to ma...Timothy Pearson2014-10-11340-361/+361
* | Second part of prior commitTimothy Pearson2014-10-116-12/+12
* Fix Keywords separators to match XDG desktop specificationsTimothy Pearson2014-10-11107-6504/+6504
* Fix FTBFS due to missing return valuesFrançois Andriot2014-10-113-2/+4
* Fix Konsole cursor redraw on focus inTimothy Pearson2014-10-111-1/+2
* Add missing files from commit f4dab230Timothy Pearson2014-10-102-0/+138
* Add handbookSection support to tabbed "Internet & Network" TDEControl modulesTimothy Pearson2014-10-1013-5/+140
* Link tabs to handbook sections in Style and Panels tdecontrol modulesTimothy Pearson2014-10-0915-13/+55
* Reset keyboard selection when using mouse rubberband to select itemsTimothy Pearson2014-10-091-71/+69
* Push the top menu banner support patches from Bug 1499Timothy Pearson2014-10-0811-17/+103
* Push the following patches from Bug 1499:Timothy Pearson2014-10-073-48/+71
* Commit the following patch from Bug 1499:Timothy Pearson2014-10-072-5/+15
* Merge branch 'master' of Pearson2014-10-065-5/+5
| * Fix dependencies in CMake targetsSlávek Banko2014-10-065-5/+5
* | Distinguish between CD types in media tdeioslave popupsTimothy Pearson2014-10-0614-61/+267
* Allow desktop settings to be changed on a single-screen system when a multi-s...Timothy Pearson2014-10-052-2/+6
* If drkonqi launches during logout show it after 30 seconds have elapsedTimothy Pearson2014-10-054-7/+33
* Move Tutorials to tdeaddons.Darrell Anderson2014-10-057-433/+1
* Fix rare Konqueror crash in tree view modeTimothy Pearson2014-10-045-4/+19
* Fix incorrect link in contact docbookTimothy Pearson2014-10-041-6/+6
* Sort non-root entries in KHelpCenterTimothy Pearson2014-10-045-3/+19
* Add mechanism by which sections of relevant docbooks may be opened automatica...Timothy Pearson2014-10-0322-11/+200
* Fix layout issues when starting root tdecmshell pluginsTimothy Pearson2014-10-022-17/+5
* Merge branch 'master' of Pearson2014-10-023-0/+9
| * Fixup previous commit (Updated Release Notes).Michele Calgaro2014-10-011-3/+3
| * Updated Release Notes.Michele Calgaro2014-10-011-0/+9
| * Reset submodule main/tdebase/cmake to latest HEADAutomated System2014-09-291-0/+0
| * Reset submodule main/tdebase/admin to latest HEADAutomated System2014-09-281-0/+0