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* Improved description of "what's this" for placeholder in Find andMichele Calgaro2018-08-211-2/+4
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* Merge branch 'katesessions': add Kate session panel.Michele Calgaro2017-09-151-7/+6
| * Kate session panel: removed no longer used OldKateSession and OldKateSessionM...Michele Calgaro2016-10-021-1/+1
| * Added support for "Delete session" in Kate session panel.Michele Calgaro2016-02-201-3/+2
| * Added support for Kate startup options and for "New session" functionality.Michele Calgaro2016-02-191-8/+8
| * Added new functionality to Konqueror.Michele Calgaro2015-07-171-2/+2
* | Fix invalid headers in PNG files and optimize for sizeTimothy Pearson2016-07-23151-0/+0
* | Added new functionality to Konqueror.Michele Calgaro2015-08-271-2/+2
* Added option to suppress 'Find in files' error dialog in Kate. This resolves ...Michele Calgaro2015-01-041-0/+8
* Updated Kate and KWrite's handbooks with the new 'Delete Line' command. This ...Michele Calgaro2015-01-032-0/+16
* Minor update to the Release Notes.Michele Calgaro2014-12-061-0/+3
* Updated Release Notes.Michele Calgaro2014-12-041-61/+86
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* Fixed help handbook sections for TDE Components. This relates to bug 1850.Michele Calgaro2014-11-271-10/+5
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* Fixed help handbook sections for Security & Privary -> Crypto. This relates t...Michele Calgaro2014-11-151-0/+4
* Fixed help handbook sections for Regional & Accessibility. This relates to bu...Michele Calgaro2014-11-142-14/+24
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* | Add text to tdepasswd help handbook. This is related to bug report 1928.Darrell Anderson2014-08-052-22/+15
* | Added basic TDEPasswd 'We apologize' handbook. This relates to bug 1928.Michele Calgaro2014-08-053-0/+78
* | Updated Release Notes.Michele Calgaro2014-06-181-0/+3
* | Updated Release Notes.Michele Calgaro2014-06-181-0/+6
* | Updated Release NotesMichele Calgaro2014-06-121-8/+10
* | Rebranding: TDE Control Center --> Trinity Control CenterMichele Calgaro2014-06-081-1/+1
* | Added KEditBookmarks handbook. This resolves bug 1881.Michele Calgaro2014-04-274-0/+163
* Updated Release Notes handbookMichele Calgaro2014-04-192-893/+12
* Fixed KSplash icon flashing position problem for 'default' theme engine.Michele Calgaro2014-03-251-0/+10
* Update Admin Guide.Darrell Anderson2014-03-242-153/+114
* Remove references to This relates to bug 1846.Michele Calgaro2014-03-231-4/+1
* Updated TDE description in TDE User Guide. This relates to bug 2001.Michele Calgaro2014-03-141-1/+1
* Add new content to or update several protocol handbooks and branding cleanup.Darrell Anderson2014-03-0310-147/+107
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* Fix TDEPrint desktop file, add help handbooks for kjobviewer and tderandrtray.Darrell Anderson2014-02-196-0/+149
* Merge kcontrol/panel help handbooks into kicker help handbook, deleteDarrell Anderson2014-02-1910-706/+455