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* Fix tdebase FTBFSTimothy Pearson2011-11-171-1/+1
* Add remote control socket to kdmtpearson2011-09-221-0/+7
* Remove the tq in front of these incorrectly TQt4-converted methods/data members:tpearson2011-07-091-5/+5
* Enable compilation with TQt for Qt4 3.4.0 TP2tpearson2011-01-191-31/+31
* Revert automated changestpearson2011-01-071-11/+11
* Automated conversion for enhanced compatibility with TQt for Qt4 3.4.0 TP1tpearson2011-01-031-11/+11
* * Massive import of OpenSUSE patches, primarily for bugfixestpearson2010-09-031-0/+668