Switching Sessions From version 3.3 onwards, &tde; provides a session management system which allows you to switch between different user account on one computer. You can stay logged in and ⪚ let your sister, brother, wife, neigbour or whoever read her or his emails just for a moment. Before you had to log off (therefore ⪚ close programs or save documents) and let her or him log in. Now it's almost as easy as switching to another virtual desktop. Switching Sessions: How it works The Switch User Menu The &kmenu; now bears a new entry. Rather at the bottom of the menu you will find a Switch User submenu. It contains the command to lock the current and start a new session which means that your desktop will start the screensaver and after a few seconds can log in with TDM as always. The Start New Session entry skips the activation of your screensaver. Once you have running more than one session you can either choose to press &Ctrl;&Alt;F7 or F8 and so on (what is usually configured by default) or — even more comfortable — choose from the list of active sessions at the bottom of the Switch User submenu. Switch User with the screensaver If you have activated your screensaver and another user wants to log in she or he can simply press the Switch User... button and log into another session. Switch Session in &tdm; If you are in &tdm; and want to switch to another active session you can press the Menu button and choose Switch User which is mainly the same as described above.