Kate comes with a nice set of plugins, providing simple and advanced features of all sorts.

You can enable/disable plugins to suit your needs in the configuration dialog, choose Settings ->configure to launch that.

You can swap the characters on each side of the cursor just by pressing Ctrl+T

You can export the current document as a HTML file, including syntax highlighting.

Just choose File -> Export -> HTML...

You can split the Kate editor as many times as you like and in either direction. Each frame has its own status bar and can display any open document.

Just choose
View -> Split [ Horizontal | Vertical ]

You can drag the Tool views (File List and File Selector) to any side that you want them in Kate, or stack them, or even tear them off the main window.

Kate has a built-in terminal emulator, just click on "Terminal" at the bottom to show or hide it as you desire.

Kate can highlight the current line with a
different background color.|

You can set the color in the Colors page of the configuration dialog.

You can open the currently edited file in any other application from within Kate.

Choose File -> Open With for the list of programs configured for the document type. There is also an option Other... to choose any application on your system.

You can configure the editor to always display the line numbers and/or bookmark panes when started from the View Defaults page of the configuration dialog.

You can download new or updated Syntax highlight definitions from the Highlighting page in the configuration dialog.

Just click the Download... button on the Highlight Modes tab (You have to be online, of course...).

You can cycle through all open documents by pressing Alt+Left or Alt+Right. The next/previous document will immediately be displayed in the active frame.

You can do cool sed-like regular expression replacements using Command Line.

For example, press F7 and enter s /oldtext/newtext/g to replace "oldtext" with "newtext" throughout the current line.

You can repeat your last search by just pressing F3, or Shift+F3 if you want to search backwards.

You can filter the files displayed in the File Selector tool view.

Simply enter your filter in the filter entry at the bottom, for example: *.html *.php if you only want to see HTML and PHP files in the current folder.

The File Selector will even remember your filters for you.

You can have two views - or even more - of the same document in Kate. Editing in either will be reflected in both.

So if you find yourself scrolling up and down to look at text at the other end of a document, just press Ctrl+Shift+T to split horizontally.

Press F8 or Shift+F8 to switch to the next/previous frame.