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in C++. Conversions break down as follows:
TQStringList -> Array of javascript strings.
TQValueList<TQVariant> -> Array of Javascript values.
- TQMap<TQString,TQVariant> -> Object/Array that has each TQString key as
+ TQStringVariantMap -> Object/Array that has each TQString key as
a property, and the TQVariant is mapped to a Javascript value.
From Javascript the conversions are a little different.
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= convertToVariant( exec, someArrayValue).toList();
Now if the Javascript value is a Javascript object or a map then
- the conversion will go to a TQMap<TQString,TQVariant>. An example of
+ the conversion will go to a TQStringVariantMap. An example of
this would be like:
KJS::Value someJSObject;
- TQMap<TQString,TQVariant> map = convertToVariant(exec,someJSObject)
+ TQStringVariantMap map = convertToVariant(exec,someJSObject)
TQString someVal = map["someProp"].toString();