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+kio_mrml and mrml_part
+Carsten Pfeiffer <> 2001/05/03
+These are the sources for an mrml kioslave and an accompanying KPart.
+How does it work in Konqueror?
+For now, the MrmlPart is rather a proof of concept, than a full blown
+MRML client.
+You can start the MrmlPart by entering an appropriate URL into Konqueror,
+e.g. mrml://user:pass@host.domain:port
+user, pass and domain are optional, so if you're running a server locally
+yourself, you can enter mrml://localhost to make Konqueror show the
+MrmlPart. If you don't have a running GIFT-server, you can try out
+mrml:// as an example. Then, Konqueror will try to
+connect the server at the given URL and show you a list of
+image-collections the server has available. You can specify the number
+of images a query should return and you can hit the Search-button
+to actually start the query. If you don't give an image as example for
+the query, it will return random images from the collection.
+Shortly after hitting the Search-button, you will see a list of images
+as thumbnails. Below every image is a small rectangle showing the
+similarity of the image with the example image(s). The longer the
+rectangle, the better the match.
+Even easier than entering the mrml URL is right-clicking on an image
+in Konqueror and selecting "Search for similar images..." in the context
+menu. This will open up a new Konqueror window where the query will start
+automatically. By default, this will try to contact a local server, i.e
+mrml://localhost. You can configure different servers in the KControl
+Module (System -> Advanced Search). The last chosen server will be used
+for those queries.
+Note that a remote server surely can't access an image from your home
+direcory though. I have to think a little bit about the usability of
+this :) The greatest use of this is when you've indexed your files
+and running an own GIFT server anyway. Ideally, the server could be
+started on demand, when a query comes up.
+ This KPart makes use of the mrml ioslave to provide a full MRML
+client. MRML, Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language (see
+ is a means to query CBIR (Content Based Image
+Retrieval) servers. An OpenSource server is the GIFT (GNU Image
+Finding Tool), see for downloading the GIFT.
+You can query for images by choosing one or more "example" images.
+The server will search for images that have similarities to the
+example(s) you gave. Queries can be refined by specifying relevance,
+i.e. by including and excluding parts of the previous search result.
+mrml ioslave:
+ Basically this is not much more than a slave for asynchronous
+transport of "data". With the URL, you can specify the user, password
+and port, as well as the url of the server to connect to.
+The data exchange of client <-> slave is done via metaData, with an
+"mrml_data" key. The data that the slave sends to the client is sent
+in one big chunk, after all the data has arrived at the slave. This
+could be made configurable later.
+With a little tuning, one could turn this into a generic slave
+which can transport any kind of data.
+This little baby is called from Konqueror's popupmenu, when you hit
+"Search for similar images...". This program simply gets the URLs
+from Konqueror and creates a query of the form
+It will use the currently selected host in the KControl module
+System -> Advanced Search to perform the query.
+mrmlsearch will then invoke "kfmclient openURL query" to start open
+a new Konqueror window and perform the query.
+Thanks go to Wolfgang Müller <> for his
+work on the GIFT and for making me write this frontend :) I really
+had a WOW-effect about the GIFT, when MrmlPart returned the first
+query results.
+New versions of this package can be found at
+See for downloading the GIFT and more information.
+Have fun,
+ Carsten Pfeiffer