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+Title: MRML for KDE -- Content based image retrieval
+Version: 0.3.2
+Entered-date: 2001/06/05
+Description: MRML is short for Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language,
+ which defines a protocol for querying a server for images
+ based on their content. See about MRML
+ and the GNU Image Finding Tool (GIFT), an MRML server.
+ This package consists of an mrml kio-slave that handles
+ the communication with the MRML server and a KPart to
+ be embedded e.g. into Konqueror.
+ With those, you can search for images by giving an example
+ image and let the server look up similar images. The query
+ result can be refined by giving positive/negative feedback.
+Keywords: Image retrieval, GIFT, MRML, Konqueror, KDE, Qt
+Author: Carsten Pfeiffer <>
+Maintained-by: Carsten Pfeiffer <>
+ xxxxxx kmrml-0.3.2.tgz
+ xxx kmrml-0.3.2.lsm
+Platform: Unix. Needs KDE 3.x
+Copying-policy: GPL