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image window
- build as KLM (kdeinit-loadable-module) to speed up startup
+ build as KLM (tdeinit-loadable-module) to speed up startup
* hah! Adding two lines makes browsing about twice as fast :)
Well, equally as fast as the KDE1 version at least ;) The new caching
@@ -404,7 +404,7 @@ Fri Nov 3 01:49:57 2000 Carsten Pfeiffer <>
the window works properly again. NETWM/KWin handling is better now.
Also better handling of non-loadable files.
- Will make it a kdeinit-loadable module (KLM) for fast startup-times
+ Will make it a tdeinit-loadable module (KLM) for fast startup-times
Finally using it again reminds me how fast it is compared to, erm, the