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+kio-locate uses scons for configuring and building. In general
+it should suffice to execute (if you have scons installed):
+$ scons configure
+$ scons
+$ sudo scons install
+If you don't have scons installed, you can use the stripped
+down version shipping with kio-locate. This can be found in the
+file scons-mini.tar.bz2 and has to be unpacked.
+$ tar xjf scons-mini.tar.bz2
+$ python configure
+$ python
+$ sudo python install
+As you can see the command "python" replaces executing
+"scons" if you don't have that installed. In the following you
+have to bear this in mind.
+On some systems, it might be necessary to configure the project
+using scons configure qtincludes=path1 kdeincludes=path2
+like this:
+$ scons configure qtincludes=/usr/include/qt3/include \
+> kdeincludes=/usr/lib/kde3/include
+When in doubt, use scons --help or scons -h to display the options.
+As when using ./configure you can specify using prefix=... where to
+install the package.
+$ scons configure prefix=/usr
+To enable debug mode you can use:
+$ scons configure debug=1
+To clean the project:
+$ scons -c
+And to uninstall kio-locate:
+$ scons -c install
+This is just a very overview about what you can do.
+If you encounter problems, please post them (or better their solutions)
+to me, so that I can include them into this guide.
+Armin Straub