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+# Modified by Tobi Vollebregt for use with kio-locate.
+# Inspired by Makefile.common from coolo
+# this script is used to update the .po files
+# To update the translations, you will need a specific gettext
+# patched for kde and a lot of patience, tenacity, luck, time ..
+# I guess one should only update the .po files when all .cpp files
+# are generated (after a make or scons)
+# If you have a better way to do this, do not keep that info
+# for yourself and help me to improve this script, thanks
+# (tnagyemail-mail tat yahoo d0tt fr)
+KDEDIR=`kde-config --prefix`
+KDEPOT=`kde-config --prefix`/include/kde/kde.pot
+XGETTEXT="xgettext -C -ki18n -ktr2i18n -kI18N_NOOP -ktranslate -kaliasLocale -x $KDEPOT "
+## check that kde.pot is available
+if ! test -e $KDEPOT; then
+ echo "$KDEPOT does not exist, there may be something wrong with your installation!"
+ XGETTEXT="xgettext -C -ki18n -ktr2i18n -kI18N_NOOP -ktranslate -kaliasLocale "
+## extract the strings
+echo "extracting the strings"
+echo -e 'i18n("_: NAME OF TRANSLATORS\\n"\n"Your names")\ni18n("_: EMAIL OF TRANSLATORS\\n"\n"Your emails")' > $SRCDIR/_translatorinfo.cpp
+## bad hack to get strings from *.ui files
+# Armin Straub <>
+UIC="uic -tr i18n"
+mkdir $TMPHACK || exit 1
+for F in "$SRCDIR/"*.ui; do
+ echo ".. preparing $F"
+ FN=$TMPHACK/$(basename "$F")
+ $UIC "$F" > "$FN.h" && $UIC -impl "$FN.h" "$F" > "$FN.cpp"
+kconfig_compiler -d $TMPHACK $SRCDIR/*.kcfg $SRCDIR/*.kcfgc
+## bad hack to get strings from *.ui files
+$XGETTEXT `find $SRCDIR -name "*.cpp"` -o kio_locate.pot
+## bad hack to get strings from *.ui files
+rm -rf "$TMPHACK"
+## bad hack to get strings from *.ui files
+# remove the intermediate files
+rm -f $SRCDIR/_translatorinfo.cpp
+## now merge the .po files ..
+echo "merging the .po files"
+for i in `ls *.po`; do
+ msgmerge $i kio_locate.pot -o $i || exit 1
+## finished
+echo "Done"