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+tdeconf_update is a tool designed to update config files. Over time applications
+sometimes need to rearrange the way configuration options are stored. Since
+such an update shouldn't influence the configuration options that the user
+has selected, the application must take care that the options stored in the
+old way will still be honored.
+What used to happen is that the application looks up both the old and the
+new configuration option and then decides which one to use. This method has
+several drawbacks:
+- The application may need to read more configuration files than strictly
+ needed, resulting in a slower startup.
+- The application becomes bigger with code that will only be used once.
+tdeconf_update addresses these problems by offering a framework to update
+configuration files without adding code to the application itself.
+See the README file for more information.
+Waldo Bastian \<\>
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