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Fix a few remaining references to kio_
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diff --git a/kmail/kmfolderimap.cpp b/kmail/kmfolderimap.cpp
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--- a/kmail/kmfolderimap.cpp
+++ b/kmail/kmfolderimap.cpp
@@ -1903,7 +1903,7 @@ void KMFolderImap::setStatus(TQValueList<int>& _ids, KMMsgStatus status, bool to
/* The status has been already set in the local index. Update the flags on
* the server. To avoid doing that for each message individually, group them
* by the status string they will be assigned and make sets for each of those
- * groups of mails. This is necessary because the imap kio_slave status job
+ * groups of mails. This is necessary because the imap tdeio_slave status job
* does not append flags but overwrites them. Example:
* 2 important mails and 3 unimportant mail, all unread. Mark all as read calls