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diff --git a/kaddressbook/viewmanager.cpp b/kaddressbook/viewmanager.cpp
index 93fe626b..405b45c2 100644
--- a/kaddressbook/viewmanager.cpp
+++ b/kaddressbook/viewmanager.cpp
@@ -578,7 +578,7 @@ void ViewManager::initActions()
"view_modify" );
action->setWhatsThis( i18n( "By pressing this button a dialog opens that allows you to modify the view of the addressbook. There you can add or remove fields that you want to be shown or hidden in the addressbook like the name for example." ) );
- action = new TDEAction( i18n( "Add View..." ), "window_new", 0, TQT_TQOBJECT(this),
+ action = new TDEAction( i18n( "Add View..." ), "window-new", 0, TQT_TQOBJECT(this),
TQT_SLOT( addView() ), mCore->actionCollection(),
"view_add" );
action->setWhatsThis( i18n( "You can add a new view by choosing one from the dialog that appears after pressing the button. You have to give the view a name, so that you can distinguish between the different views." ) );