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@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@ MiB: yes, not too much against DCOP. But for KNotes I thought about turning
MiB: a note into a plugin that can be loaded by Kontact and KNotes independently.
MiB: like this, there's no DCOP necessary anymore and makes it much more flexible.
MiB: e.g. usage of different display configs, a note embedded somewhere and having
-MiB: a tqparent or standalone on the desktop.
+MiB: a parent or standalone on the desktop.
# Communication with external applications is something which doesn't fit too
# well with the 'integrated' approach of Kontact. Is this really necessary?
@@ -367,7 +367,7 @@ h: there is something else broken IMHO
Summary View
h: How would one best integrate a summary view into kontact?
-h: a) add a virtual QWidget *summary(const QDateTime&, QWidget* tqparent );
+h: a) add a virtual QWidget *summary(const QDateTime&, QWidget* parent );
h: to get a summary widget for a day?
h: b) use some sort of XML to UI to represent the summary informations
h: c) have a stand a lone part which opens the PIM data seperately? ( How