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diff --git a/korganizer/komailclient.h b/korganizer/komailclient.h
index da71ecec..3051bab7 100644
--- a/korganizer/komailclient.h
+++ b/korganizer/komailclient.h
@@ -45,8 +45,8 @@ class KOMailClient
/** Send mail with specified from, to and subject field and body as text. If
* bcc is set, send a blind carbon copy to the sender from */
- bool send(const TQString &from,const TQString &to,const TQString &subject,
- const TQString &body,bool bcc=false,
+ bool send(const TQString &from,const TQString &to,const TQString &cc,
+ const TQString &subject,const TQString &body,bool bcc=false,
const TQString &attachment=TQString::null);
int kMailOpenComposer(const TQString& to, const TQString& cc,
@@ -59,7 +59,8 @@ class KOMailClient
const TQCString& attachParamAttr,
const TQString& attachParamValue,
const TQCString& attachContDisp,
- const TQCString& attachCharset);
+ const TQCString& attachCharset,
+ uint identity);
int kMailOpenComposer(const TQString& arg0,const TQString& arg1,
const TQString& arg2,const TQString& arg3,
const TQString& arg4,int arg5,const KURL& arg6);