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diff --git a/libkcal/calendarresources.h b/libkcal/calendarresources.h
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--- a/libkcal/calendarresources.h
+++ b/libkcal/calendarresources.h
@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ class LIBKCAL_EXPORT CalendarResources :
Loads all Incidences from the Resources. The Resources must be added
- first using either readConfig(KConfig *config), which adds the system
+ first using either readConfig(TDEConfig *config), which adds the system
Resources, or manually using resourceAdded(ResourceCalendar *resource).
void load();
@@ -251,12 +251,12 @@ class LIBKCAL_EXPORT CalendarResources :
Read the Resources settings from a config file.
- @param config The KConfig object which points to the config file.
+ @param config The TDEConfig object which points to the config file.
If no object is given (null pointer) the standard config file is used.
@note Call this method <em>before</em> load().
- void readConfig( KConfig *config = 0 );
+ void readConfig( TDEConfig *config = 0 );
Set the destination policy such that Incidences are always added