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@@ -50,10 +50,10 @@ both a <B><TT><A HREF="headers.html">DwHeaders</A></TT></B> object and a
In the tree (broken-down) representation of message, a
<B><TT>DwMessage</TT></B> object is almost always a root node, having child
-nodes but no tqparent node. The child nodes are the
+nodes but no parent node. The child nodes are the
<B><TT>DwHeaders</TT></B> object and the <B><TT>DwBody</TT></B> object it
contains. A <B><TT>DwMessage</TT></B> may sometimes be an intermediate node.
-In this special case, the tqparent node is a <B><TT>DwBody</TT></B> object
+In this special case, the parent node is a <B><TT>DwBody</TT></B> object
of type "message/*" and the <B><TT>DwMessage</TT></B> object represents an
encapsulated message.
@@ -72,15 +72,15 @@ DwMessage(const DwString&amp; aStr, DwMessageComponent* aParent=0)
The first constructor is the default constructor, which sets the
<B><TT>DwMessage</TT></B> object's string representation to the empty string
-and sets its tqparent to <B><TT>NULL</TT></B>.
+and sets its parent to <B><TT>NULL</TT></B>.
The second constructor is the copy constructor, which performs a deep copy
-of <B><TT>aMessage</TT></B>. The tqparent of the new
+of <B><TT>aMessage</TT></B>. The parent of the new
<B><TT>DwMessage</TT></B> object is set to <B><TT>NULL</TT></B>.
The third constructor copies <B><TT>aStr</TT></B> to the
<B><TT>DwMessage</TT></B> object's string representation and sets
-<B><TT>aParent</TT></B> as its tqparent. The virtual member function
+<B><TT>aParent</TT></B> as its parent. The virtual member function
<B><TT>Parse()</TT></B> should be called immediately after this constructor
in order to parse the string representation.
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ in order to parse the string representation.
(const DwMessage&amp; aMessage) </B></FONT>
This is the assignment operator, which performs a deep copy of
-<B><TT>aMessage</TT></B>. The tqparent node of the
+<B><TT>aMessage</TT></B>. The parent node of the
<B><TT>DwMessage</TT></B> object is not changed.
<FONT COLOR="teal"><B> virtual DwMessageComponent*