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@@ -53,15 +53,15 @@ DwText(const DwString&amp; aStr, DwMessageComponent* aParent=0) </B></FONT>
The first constructor is the default constructor, which sets the
<B><TT>DwText</TT></B> object's string representation to the empty string
-and sets its tqparent to NULL.
+and sets its parent to NULL.
The second constructor is the copy constructor, which copies the string
-representation from <B><TT>aText</TT></B>. The tqparent of the new
+representation from <B><TT>aText</TT></B>. The parent of the new
<B><TT>DwText</TT></B> object is set to NULL.
The third constructor copies <B><TT>aStr</TT></B> to the
<B><TT>DwText</TT></B> object's string representation and sets
-<B><TT>aParent</TT></B> as its tqparent. The virtual member function
+<B><TT>aParent</TT></B> as its parent. The virtual member function
<B><TT>Parse()</TT></B> should be called immediately after this constructor
in order to parse the string representation. Unless it is NULL,
<B><TT>aParent</TT></B> should point to an object of a class derived from