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* LIB_QT -> LIB_TQT conversion to align to updated admin moduleMichele Calgaro2018-09-171-7/+7
* Additional k => tde renaming and fixesSlávek Banko2013-09-031-9/+9
* Fix FTBFSTimothy Pearson2013-02-171-4/+4
* Fix build system references to kabcTimothy Pearson2013-02-161-3/+3
* Rename additional header files to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-151-2/+2
* Rename a number of libraries and executables to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-01-261-30/+30
* Rename additional instances of KDE to TDETimothy Pearson2011-11-061-11/+11
* Additional kde to tde renamingTimothy Pearson2011-11-061-8/+8
* Rename kde libraries to tdeTimothy Pearson2011-11-051-6/+6
* Link most Trinity DSOs against the most common kdelibs libraries to compensat...v3.5.13tpearson2011-10-101-7/+7
* One last attempt at getting this to compile before reverting revision 1174624...tpearson2010-09-131-14/+0
* Disable wizards when core resources are also disabledtpearson2010-09-131-66/+21
* Fix FTBFS on Ubuntutpearson2010-09-131-1/+10
* Added the ability to disable resources at compile timetpearson2010-09-131-8/+58
* Reverted changes to the wizards file as the Trinity project has a...tpearson2010-09-011-5/+40
* * Massive set of changes to bring in all fixes and enhancements from the Ente...tpearson2010-09-011-38/+6
* Copy the KDE 3.5 branch to branches/trinity for new KDE 3.5 features.toma2009-11-251-0/+121